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This article explores the importance of reflective practice as a tool for school self-improvement by looking at the relevance and implications of the reflective practice cycle. The article is structured under the following headings: – ON REFLECTING – THE RELEVANCE OF REFLECTIVE PRACTICE – WHAT IS THE REFLECTIVE PRACTICE CYCLE? – WHAT ARE THE IMPLICATIONS OF RP FOR A SCHOOL? – CONCLUSION ON REFLECTING … Have you ever, having returned from a date with someone new, sat down and dissected the events of the evening in minute detail? Perhaps you have wondered whether a comment you made could have had an unintended meaning or was perhaps misunderstood. Have you ever worried whether you have misread your date’s body language or – particularly if the date goes awry, pondered over what went wrong and how to avoid making the same mistakes next time? This is perhaps an overly negative view of a possibly lovely evening, but it does serve to highlight the fact that we all, in our everyday lives, take time to ponder and reflect on things that have happened during our day. Whether this is done consciously or unconsciously, we all respond to circumstances by thinking about them and processing the events through memory and recall. And more often than not, these thoughts create decisions and these decisions create choices which determine future actions. Thus, we may return from a holiday, armed with photographs and tales, and while reflecting, may decide to return there again next year, or perhaps, because things went horribly wrong, opt for a better travel agent, or different destination. Or perhaps, as a parent returning from a tour of a few prospective schools for your child, you have sat down to discuss the options open to you. You recall each school visited, and remember the impact each may have had. You weigh the pros and cons of each, consider each scenario from a range of perspectives, and finally make a decision that is not rushed into. Think of times, recent and past, where you have stopped to reflect and think about an experience. Here "thinking about" and "remembering" are not synonymous: when we remember we recall events and details; when we "think about" them we employ our critical thinking faculties, using analysis and evaluation, synthesis and reasoning. We ask questions and attempt to find answers; we plan and construct possibilities; we process, deconstruct and assess the outcomes of ideas and strategies. From this, we are able to articulate choices that need to be made and possible ways of implementing those choices. So, in an attempt to find a reasonable definition of the process of reflecting, let us use this simple formula: REMEMBERING AND THINKING ABOUT + MAKING CHOICES AND PLANNING = REFLECTING We all, in some form or another, think about our experiences. Reflective Practice, however, is a means of providing EVIDENCE for such thinking and reasoning. It is a RECORD of the ways that you have thought about and reflected on an experience. THE RELEVANCE OF REFLECTIVE PRACTICE I would like to make the assertion that school improvements would be more profound if all schools adopted reflective practice as daily habit. I am not alone in my thinking: "Critical reflection upon experience continues to be an effective technique for professional development." Kettle B., & Sellars, N. (1996). The development of student teachers practical theory of teaching. Teaching and Teacher Education, 12(1), 1-24. EJ 526 790 "By its nature, the reflective practice cycle causes teachers to step back and critically reflect not only on how they teach, but also on why they teach in a particular way." Schon, D.A. (1996). Educating the reflective practitioner: Toward a new design for teaching and learning in the professions. San Francisco: Jossey "Next year is my final year and I feel moreonfident and motivated in my studies since completing this module and have learnt a lot about myself and my learning style, through keeping the journal and I am going to start keeping one permanently so my reflective learning process can be enhanced. I now know the skills that graduate employers will be looking for and I must have them to get a good job – my action plan will help me to do this." Student, Napier University "The primary benefit of reflective practice for teachers is a deeper understanding of their own teaching style and ultimately, greater effectiveness as a teacher. Other specific benefits noted in current literature include the validation of a teacher’s ideals, beneficial challenges to tradition, the recognition of teaching as artistry, and respect for diversity in applying theory to classroom practice." Freidus, H. (1997). The telling of story: Teachers knowing what they know. Paper presented at the annual meeting of the American Educational Research Association (AERA), Chicago, IL. ED 409 274 "The ability to think about what one does and why–assessing past actions, current situations, and intended outcomes–is vital to intelligent practice, practice that is reflective rather than routine." Journal article by Hilda Borko, Paul Michalec, Jean Siddle, Maria Timmons; Journal of Teacher Education, Vol. 48, 1997 "The primary benefit of reflective practice for teachers is a deeper understanding of their own teaching style and ultimately, greater effectiveness as a teacher. Other specific benefits noted in current literature include the validation of a teacher’s ideals, beneficial challenges to tradition, the recognition of teaching as artistry, and respect for diversity in applying theory to classroom practice." Hurst, B., Wilson C., & Cramer, G. (1998). Professional teaching portfolios. Phi Delta Kappan, 79(8), 578-82. EJ 563 868 "If schools are to change for the better, they need to become places where teachers can be reflective" At the Heart of Teaching: A Guide to Reflective Practice (McEntee, et. al., 2003) "In order for a teacher to grow, learn and excel, she must periodically stop and examine herself, her educational goals and her teaching practices. She must ask herself and her students questions and struggle with them to find answers. Inquiry & reflective practice are instrumental tools for teachers to change, improve and hone their philosophy and teaching practices. It also serves as teaching method that capitalizes on student interests, curiosity and the idea that students learn better when they construct their own knowledge." GEMMA CLASING, M.A.Pacific Lutheran University (PLU) Masters of Education program. "Being reflective is a key aspect of professional development. For it to be effective this reflective process needs to be cyclical." http: / / keystage3/ downloads/ ws_cpdlac_p018805sec.pdf Practitioner action research creates a greater knowledge of self and situation innovation-unit/ pdf/ despavlou_hotseatsummary2.pdf There is a wealth of documentation supporting the notion that reflective practice is key, not only to professional development, but also to raising standards. Even a cursory search of the Dfes Standards Site website will return 500 references to recent policy making and government initiatives confirming, not only the value of reflective practice, but also the need for both students and teachers to be involved in the reflective practice process. Assessment For Learning programmes all over the country will have to, at some point, acknowledge the importance of reflection and review. It is impossible to separate AFL from reflection, as the ability to reflect will very much influence key areas like self and peer-assessment. But reflective practice is not confined to AFL: all .ponents of school life can be improved through RP – from the teaching support staff to the administration team and the governing body. Everyone involved in the process of RP can use that process to improve conditions of work, to determine attitudes and morale, to concentrate attention to detail and use introspection as a means of self improvement. Copyright (c) 2009 Positively MAD 相关的主题文章:

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Business Various types of corrugated pipe are known such as that described in DE 44 32 584 C1, which stems from the same applicant and in which the outer contours are designed as flattened or segmentally enlarged circles. In this embodiment the corrugations extend over all radial angular sectors in the longitudinal direction of the pipe. This results in the disadvantages explained below. Other embodiments of corrugated pipes result from EP 0 671 582 A1; DE 43 21 575 C1 and GB 1 209 569. These known embodiments of corrugated pipes all contain outer contours which assure a wave line in all radial angular sectors on the pipe jacket surface. Traditionally, air-conduction parts and liquid lines, e.g. coolant lines, are preferably manufactured out of rubber pipes and rubber hoses reinforced with textiles. Pipes and hoses of thermoplastic plastics offer considerable savings of expense and weight and have, in addition, an improved recycling potential. In this material substitution a bending flexibility .parable to that of rubber pipes is required from the thermoplastic pipes. The greater material stiffness of the relevant thermoplastics can be .pensated for by a corrugated structure of the pipe jacket surface. This geometry, known as corrugated pipe , is known in various embodiments. However, the bending flexibility achieved therewith makes the tensile stiffness worse, i.e., a greater expansion in longitudinal direction of the pipe upon tension must be accepted. Corrugated pipe geometries resulting in an increase of the tensile stiffness are known from the above-named publications. However, all these embodiments have the problem, explained in detail below, of the coupling of tensile stiffness and bending stiffness. Especially in the case of air-conduction parts and coolant lines in the automobile sector a high bending flexibility is required in addition to a high resistance to inner pressure in order to be able to create a tolerance .pensation in connections between movable structural parts and in order to facilitate assembly. When a corrugated pipe is selected, a tensile flexibility and .pression flexibility of the pipe is achieved by the surface corrugated in the longitudinal direction of the pipe which is far greater than that of a pipe with a smooth surface. A tensile deformation or .pressive deformation occurring in a straight line in the longitudinal direction of the pipe is taken up in the wall of the corrugated pipe by uniformly distributed bending deformations in the individual profile corrugations. In a bending deformation (curvature) of an entire corrugated pipe the mean casing surface of the pipe wall, which can be imagined as hose-shaped, is stretched on the side with the greater radius of curvature (outside) and is .pressed on the side with the smaller radius of curvature (inside), according to its distance from and its position relative to the curved neutral plane (plane without tensile or .pressive tension), in which the curved pipe axis runs. The stretching and .pressing is made possible analogously to the deformations in a tensile loading/.pressive loading by bending deformation (pulling apart or .pressing) of the corrugations. The plane in which the bending takes place is designated thereby as the bending plane. It therefore stands perpendicularly on the neutral plane and is not bent itself. Thus, since the same deformation mechanisms apply to a bending deformation and a tensile or .pressive deformation of a corrugated pipe in the corrugated profile, tensile stiffness/.pressive stiffness and bending stiffness are mechanically coupled for traditional corrugated pipes. This means that a conventional bending-soft corrugated pipe is also automatically tension-soft and pressure-soft. The loading of a pipe, whether smooth or corrugated, by inner pressure acts via the force of pressure on the contour of the inner pipe cross section like a tensile force applied from the outside. This means for traditional, bending-soft corrugated pipes with low tensile stiffness that as a result of the mechanical coupling of the stiffness the inner pressure loading results in a strong change in length of the pipe. This results in particular in problems for the use of corrugated pipelines with fluctuating pressure load like those which typically occur with air-conduction parts and coolant lines in the automobile sector but also in water lines of washing machines. The changes in length occurring as a result of the variations in pressure often collide with restrictions of the possible mounting space. The alternating bending stress occurring in the profile corrugations constitutes an additional strain on the material and thus reduces the attainable service life. About the Author: 相关的主题文章:

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