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UnCategorized $10.00 for ten good meals! Some cheap chicken parts will make a delicious soup stock/broth that can feed you for several meals. I always buy a whole chicken and roast it. Then cut off the breast and leg meat to serve. We get two meals for two adults from the chicken meat. The remains are cooked in a big pot of water. Adding onions, carrots, celery, cabbage, peeled broccoli stalks and some herbs. It produces a nice soup stock/ broth for several lunches or dinners and a chicken pot pie. We get at least ten meals for two adults out of one chicken! You will have more meat in your soup than you get in a can, if you clean off the bones. For a larger family, use the cut off meat in a casserole, pasta or with rice and a gravy. Turkey will work just as well. Use some of the broth in a separate pot for egg drop soup, just stir an egg into hot clear broth. Another day it might be a couple of potatoes and a white sauce for cream of potato, another cream of vegetable. There is chicken noodle,rice,split pea or lentil. If you love the taste of canned soup, just add a chicken bouillon cube or two. For a chicken pot pie, try some pancake batter with a little cornmeal in it, poured over the top, instead of pie crust. It is easier, healthier and taste great. Wonton soup is a .bination of chicken and pork. You can make the wrappers, it is just dough.. Beef or pork bones can be used the same way to make broth. Leftover cheap pork roast bones are also great for making dried beans taste great. The pork and some rice will make them a whole protein,that is filling and delicious. We like salsa added to our beans. Tomato sauce is also very good and both add a vegetable. Make a batch of cornbread to go with the beans. Soup broth can also make rice or pasta taste delicious and be.e a whole protein, because of the meat juices in the broth. You can make a big pot of spaghetti, chili with beans or goulash sauces for under ten dollars, that will make several meals. Make extra spaghetti, goulash, chili, pizza sauces and soups to have on hand for inexpensive fast food meals. In these challenging and adventurous economic times, it is important to feed your family the best that you can for their well being. The very best protein that you can have is whole milk and eggs. They both contain carnitine which is necessary to feed the bodys existing cells and create new ones which makes them very important for the brain. Learning to cook from basic ingredients is the big savings! Pressed for time? Cook extra and have it as fast food another day. Simple cooking is just that. It is a learned skill. If you can use a .puter to read and write then you can teach yourself to cook. There are thousands of free recipes on the web and wonderful information. It is a great family activity. Teaching your children to cook, helps them to appreciate the effort that it takes, as well as teaching them important life skills. You can learn together. Garlic, onions, oregano, rosemary, sage, dill, mint, etc. make a lot of foods taste great. They are very good for your immune system. Try growing a few pots of them or tuck them in your garden. Use the web to find out all the medical uses for them. An edible garden is the very best in cutting your food bill and it is a good family fun project. Good loaf breads are costly – making your own is good for working off stress with the kneading. It gives you good upper arm and breast muscles as well as saving money. There is nothing that matches the wonderful smell of fresh bread or cookies baking. Biscuits, cornbread, pancakes, etc. are all good for you and easy on the budget. One batch of bread can give you a great homemade pizza, a pan of sweet rolls and another batch of rolls or small loaf, from just five cups of flour. Fresh bread and homemade soup can make a feast. So remember – basic cooking can be fun and still save you money. Include your family in your cooking and gardening and create wonderful adventures! About the Author: 相关的主题文章: