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Home-Securtiy 1/ Make sure there are no shrubs or trees blocking the view of windows and doors. When shrubs and trees block the view of windows and doors it gives a burglar a place to hide while they are trying to break into your home. Nobody passing by will be able to see them as they are attempting to break in. 2/ Install motion sensor lighting around the perimeter of your home. Exterior lighting is one of the best defenses against a home break in at night. The burglar does not want to be seen. Very often if a motion activated light .es on the burgalar will leave the area immediately. 3/ Make sure all door and window locks actually lock. We have all had the situation where the window lock or door lock simply was not working and we think, Oh, Ill get around to replacing that soon. Well, believe me, the burglar will find it and use that means to enter your house. Fix all locks today. 4/ When leaving your home during the day leave the TV or radio on. A burglar will usually try to avoid an occupied home. They normally do not want a confrontation. If they approach your home and hear a TV or radio they will logically assume someone is home and just walk away. 5/ When leaving your home at night leave at least one light on and the radio or TV on. Unless the burglar is looking to .mit a home invasion he will avoid your home when it looks like someone is inside. Always give the impression that your home is occupied. 6. Put a sticker that says These premises protected by XYZ Alarm .pany on windows and doors. You can buy these stickers for a very low price. They are like decals. Even if you do not have an alarms system the burglar will not take the chance that you do and he will move on to an easier target. 7/ Do not let delivered newspapers pile up in your driveway. When a burglar sees newspapers accumulated in your driveway or on your lawn they know that no one is home and that your home is an easy target. 8/ Do not let your mail sit in the mailbox for more than one day. See #7 above 9/ Get to know your neighbors and ask them to keep an eye out. We all know that the more eyes we have watching our neighborhood the safer it is. If you are going away for the day dont hesitate to let a neighbor know and ask them to just keep an eye out. 10/ Install simple door and window contact alarms that make a loud noise when activated. These alarms are very easy to install, are inexpensive and can prevent your home from being burglarized. When a burglar activates one of these alarms and hears the noise it makes they will very often flee the area. They do not want to draw attention to their actions. About the Author: such as TASERs, stun guns, pepper spray and hidden cameras. 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