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10 major attractions, take a postcard in Rio – Sohu tourism "in the eighth day of creation God, he created in Rio De Janeiro." The Rio people have always said. The just concluded Olympic Games made the world a better place to know the city, although it was full of confusion, but amazingly beautiful. A charming tropical rainforest, paradise beach coast, magnificent as CG animation of the rock, all of which form the world the one and only Rio, let love take pictures of your heart. We selected the best photography Rio for you, every one can enjoy the beautiful scenery, stunning photo shoot. The statue of Christ (Cristo Redentor) this is the countless photographers over the statue was built in 1922, completed in 1938, is located in 700 meters high of Monte Cristo, its height is about 38 meters. The icon face grief, weather is solemn, Rio’s most well-known, far and near attractions. Rio is one of the most beautiful sights God can create. Photo by Rodrigo_Soldon via Flickr location: Rio De Janeiro City Monte Cristo tickets: free round-trip cable car 30 hours: all day long, Real cable operators time 8:00-22:00 EL CERRO PAN DE AZUCAR (Pã o de; Aç ú car) another wonderful place high view is the famous EL CERRO PAN DE AZUCAR. It was named for the appearance of French bread. Recommended to take a cable car around sunset, the mountain gradually lit city lights, will let you like living in the cloud, at the same time to warm the lamps and candles of a myriad families. Photo by Chantal Wagner via Flickr location: Rio Guanabara Bay entrance of EL CERRO PAN DE AZUCAR tickets: free round-trip cable car 30 hours: all day long, Real cable car operation time 8:00-22:00 Nitai Roy Museum of Contemporary Art (Niteroi Modern Art Museum) Nitai Roy is a satellite city of Rio De Janeiro, has a lot of place for viewing. But first, it must be the 1996 Museum of contemporary art. The museum is designed by the famous architect of Brazil, Carney Meyer, was flying saucer shaped, a mountain sea, a wide range of vision. Photo by Marinelson Almeida Silva via Flickr location: Pakistan Bay cliff Niteroi Guana opening hours: 10:00-18:00 (Ipanema) is the Ipanema beach in Rio’s best beaches, no one. The song "the girl from Ipanema" popular song Qingyang, let the whole world know this heavenly place. In addition to sea, photographed in mountain view but also across Ipanema beach, mountain cloud has two brothers相关的主题文章: