138 to spike workers in November to apply for public rental housing through the rate of 1 shishangqiyi

138 to spike migrant workers in November to apply for public rental housing through the rate of 1 into this year, the number of public rental with rent Yaohao held yesterday, the scene is yaohao.   – this version of the Information Times reporter Cheng Xiaozhen correspondent Sui Jian Xuan Laisui     edition photographic information times reporter Zhu Yuanbin     Guangzhou for migrant workers can also live in public rental housing!     yesterday afternoon, Guangzhou in 2016 the first batch of household public rental Yaohao rental ceremony and the first time to spike workers with public rental Yaohao rental ceremony held in the Real Estate Hotel auditorium.     this is the first time in the future Guangzhou ear into the city public rental housing security category. After the system Yao Hao, 5222 household household was pre leased public rental housing, 138 to spike workers with rental public rental.     this means that the workers to the ear of the public rental housing rental rate of one hundred percent: to participate in Yaohao with rent of 138 households, all with the success of rent.     yesterday, the Municipal People’s Congress, the CPPCC National Committee members, apply for family representatives, the news media, as well as the City Notary Public Notary and other common Yaohao (pre) with the rental process.     to participate in the wave number of migrant workers to 100% can live in public rental housing     Guangzhou for the first time in the future to be included in the city level public rental housing security category, is the largest public rental housing shake feature.     highlights: for the first time in the future basing personnel into the scope of housing security     "city level public rental housing for migrant workers is open to spike, practical measures to promote the equalization of public services in Guangzhou City, according to the Municipal Bureau of Guangzhou Guangzhou related parties, in order to optimize the basing personnel home integration system, with the Suiqian children enrolled in public degree integral system of compulsory education and enjoy social medical assistance for the vast number of basing personnel policies and measures as the starting point, in order to establish the equalization of basic public service system basing personnel, constantly improve the basing personnel service levels, enhance the basing personnel into a sense of identity and sense of happiness.     last November, the municipal government executive meeting examined and adopted the "Guangzhou workers apply for public rental housing tenants city level implementation details", the official will spike long time, stable employment of low-income workers to Guangzhou and highly skilled personnel or by the recognition, won the honorary title of the Guangzhou workers into the housing the scope of protection.     characteristics: public rental housing supply more than the number of households     because there are 220 sets of housing, which allows the participation of the families of the number of workers to participate in the wave number 138 easier.     it is understood that the Laisui workers of public rental housing a total of two, respectively, Longgui garden 140 sets, 80 sets of the Eastern garden, a room for the most, a total of 46 sets. Rent, Longgui garden rent of 12 yuan per square metre, Eastern garden is 23 yuan per square meter. &"相关的主题文章: