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150 thousand mother-in-law daughter-in-law incitement to kill was sentenced to death with a knife stabbed her daughter-in-law had Cixi 2· 16 case, trial results. In Ningbo, the murder was because of the special relationship and create a great sensation, the murderer of the dead: guxiong Moumou, is 33 years old the Zhao’s mother-in-law. Yesterday, the Ningbo intermediate court of first instance verdict, Zhang Moumou due to intentional homicide and sentenced to death, deprived of political rights for life; the defendant Zhao B (the murderer) guilty of manslaughter and sentenced to death, suspended for two years, deprived of political rights for life. At the same time, the introduction of the murderer Zhao A also because of intentional homicide, was sentenced to eight years. A 33 year old female nurse victims turned out to be the "mother-in-law mother-in-law guxiong create a great sensation of incitement to murder case occurred in February 16th of this year. The victim Zhao, who lives in Cixi Jinshan Village, in the early hours of the morning in their own downstairs down in a pool of blood. Zhao Cixi is a nurse in a hospital, in the hospital for eight years, colleagues evaluation: hard work, people are friendly. The first discovery of Xiao Zhao, is the first floor of the tenants "A Hua" (sound). Then he went to the sleepy overhead layer on the first floor, found the stairs with. He thought it was a plastic body model, dragging all the way to throw away. Drag to the edge of the tree, was early to see the cleaners, shocked: A Hua, this is not a plastic man, a life!" A Hua called the police. After the event, a neighbor recalled more than 6 in the morning to hear someone called the "help", then no sound of the two or three. For Zhao’s death, there Public opinions are divergent. Gradually, a statement circulated up: incitement to murder. In the evening, Henan Province, Shangqiu high-speed traffic police brigade in Lianhuo Expressway Anhui Henan circle toll station, arrest murder suspect, 23 year old Shangqiu City, Henan province Suixian Xiling temple town, Zhao B. Buy murderous statement, then confirmed. But we did not think that is actually the incitement of mother-in-law, Zhang moumou. At that time, Qianjiang Evening News reporter who interviewed her neighbors, neighbors told reporters, really not tall mother-in-law daughter-in-law, his family was not good. One insider said, had heard her mother around to borrow money, said to "kill the dwarf". Before the family had a "wife", broke up in the decoration new premises, is said to the other family is carpentry, responsible to decorate the house, the mother has been picky, her father could lead to break up. The neighbors also said that in fact the family, father of the mother is at a distance, usually at night father-in-law often a person walking, because do not want to quarrel with her. Her mother spent 150 thousand yuan to buy a fierce knife stabbed her wife also yesterday, with the sentencing of the case, the details of the murder will also be exposed. In the judgment, the court will be the murder reason boils down to: "the mother Moumou due to household chores for a long time daughter-in-law Zhao dissatisfaction and resentment". There is a contradiction between mother and daughter, but they want to kill? Zhang and Zhao in the end what happened? There have been media reports, the court Zhang said, the most direct motive of her incitement to murder, because to see his son and daughter love like that, is this woman stole his son. Jealousy, her mother-in-law was introduced to recognize the murderer Zhao something相关的主题文章: