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16-17 Dortmund VS Bayern Bundesliga looking forward and forecast – Sohu sports information Beijing time on November 20, 2016 (Sunday) 01:30 against the history of the last 6 of the tournament, Dortmund 1 wins 1 flat 4 negative. The recent record (from the left, from near to far) Dortmund: Bayern: Hirakatsu Katsukatsukatsuka – Ping Sheng flat ball forecast of Dortmund Road, spent a lot of money signings this year, but many position repetitive signings, and gotze, schurrle with Kagawa is not nipping too, but now is Aubameyang and Dembele depend only on the speed of the impact the greater threat. Bayern, still strong, Dahl, Alonso for the midfield domination of the Bundesliga still invincible, recently Robben and back the side to revitalize, Lavon and Muller have more support. In the past the Cyclops era, Goetze, Kagawa, Lavon this combination, let Bayern very headache, because not only is fast, with small, with Goetze and Kagawa, plus Lavon shot, can be difficult to stop, but now is not the kind of Dortmund with both quick and clever, more and now in Bayern than that in the adjustment of Bayern more powerful. Estimated 1-3, 0-2 defeat dortmund. Please don’t you also pay more attention to the small message number, provide all kinds of football information, forward-looking and predictive focus of the game, if the one or two days no more, we do not cancel the attention oh. In addition some games simply didn’t write prospective forecast, and forecast the number of public concern, WeChat small: qiudaoer, in the menu, enter the keyword query field.相关的主题文章: