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2016 annual performance models for the sake of your mind in September 16th to 18,, China’s mass production car performance contest (CCPC) Karamay station successfully concluded. The scene in the game, the atmosphere is very warm, many domestic mainstream car companies are gathered here, 37 brands of hundreds of passenger cars in Western Gobi in the Pentium athletics, the entire automotive industry into almost all up, spectacular scenes, known as the "Olympic Games China car". Under these circumstances, many participating enterprises and the media reporters have said: This is the most special they participated in, a deep impression is for car racing! Karamay station perfect ending with the end of the Karamay station, CCPC contest · Dafeng Railway Station has entered the game of intense preparatory stage. Jiangsu Yancheng Dafeng "high performance" is located in the center of Yancheng stadium, vehicle test field, is one of the first competition venue reservation. It has the first-class automotive technical regulations, product development, road safety and technical training. And close to the Dafeng sea, belongs to the humid environment, with distinct regional characteristics. I believe in the international first-class car test field, more professional competition, will be more comprehensive display of the most realistic and limiting performance of the vehicle. In the center of Yancheng automobile testing CCPC contest · Dafeng Railway Station game will be in October 28th to 29. However, few people know that there is a secret project is also accompanied by the contest, everything in good order and well arranged forward, this is the "2016 annual awards ceremony to China models"! Based on the vehicle performance data to solve the domestic automotive awards pain points award that everyone has heard a lot, so really for consumers to buy a car with reference to the award will be like? So, this is the "2016 annual performance models Chinese awards ceremony awards organizing committee planning activities of the mind. At present, China’s auto industry has all kinds of awards, is generally the result of subjective evaluation as the lead, the scientific nature and rationality of the award can not be widely recognized by the parties in the industry. So after in-depth analysis, including a number of awards, found that really is the lack of a vehicle performance data as the main basis for the selection of automotive awards, can not give consumers the right car and car guidance. This is the pain points of many domestic car awards! This time, the "2016 annual performance models Chinese awards ceremony" held — Chinese automotive technology and Research Center, not only is approved by the State Scientific Research Institute, more comprehensive technical services have extensive influence in the automotive industry at home and abroad, have system C-NCAP and other public vehicles rating, the self-evident in the car industry authority. At the same time, the 2015 launch of China’s mass production car performance contest (CCPC) also caused a huge reaction in the industry, the competition test vehicle performance data has a strong influence. Therefore, the center of the integration of multiple resources, launched the "2016 Chinese annual performance car awards ceremony", can be said to be a matter of course. Based on the performance data of a large vehicle!相关的主题文章: