2016 global wine summit held in Guiyang tianbi

2016 Wine Global Leaders Summit held in Guiyang – Beijing, Beijing, September 13, the day before, to show the global wine, promoting exchanges and cooperation as the theme of the sixth session of China (Guizhou) International Wine Exposition opened in Guiyang in China, "characteristics of professional guidance, open", the Expo preparation the rich and colorful and highly professional theme activities for participants. "The world’s 2016 Wine leaders summit and the world liquor dealers conference hosted by the Guizhou International Wine Expo Organizing Committee, China CFNA and wine sea navigation all media platform to undertake. As one of the Expo theme, features in the grand international vision, professional agenda setting, the most intelligent industry leaders in received guests praise, as many theme highlights. In recent years, Guizhou further implement the famous liquor main industry development strategy and brand strategy, and vigorously promote the specialization and agglomeration, ecological development, wine industry has become an important pillar industry in Guizhou, Guizhou, Chinese be presented to present to the world a beautiful fragrance of the name card. Octavius? Kalmuck on behalf of the Republic of Moldova to the sixth session of the China (Guizhou) International Wine Fair and the success of the summit held congratulations, Octavius? The Kalmyk said: "at present, friction in fruitful bilateral Wine trade development, Moldova has always been regarded as Chinese important direction of foreign trade and economic cooperation. The summit will bring more opportunities for cooperation in the field of rubbing wine." Market operation and consumption to promote the national Ministry of Commerce Deputy Director Hu Xiaoping said: "in recent years, the rapid development of China Wine market, especially Wine import trade increased sharply, Chinese has become one of the engines of global Wine trade development. At present, China’s economy has entered a new norm, adjust the structure, expand domestic demand and steady growth, promote development, this is our Wine industry structure adjustment, optimizing the allocation of resources, an important opportunity to achieve leapfrog development, but also provides a new historical opportunity for cooperation and development of global Wine industry." Hu Xiaoping hope, from the global Wine industry friends to make full use of global Wine leaders summit this common platform, in-depth exchanges and discussions on the development and cooperation of the global market and industry Wine, Huizhong wisdom, mob force, deepen communication exchange, share development experience, to further strengthen cooperation and opening up, the world will become the industry leader Wine summit exchange platform has the world influence. The international organization of vine and Wine (OIV) director general Jean Marley Austria? Lang delivered a speech at the summit, the data introduces participants to the latest development and the development of the industry status quo Wine global trend, let Marley? Oku Ro said in the tradition at the same time, through a new brewing process and the use of new technology and improve the quality of and reduce the production cost, to meet the diverse needs of consumers, has become the world’s Wine industry, the most common pursuit. Let Marley – Oku Ro said he had been to many wine producing areas in China, he said: "I see the Chinese wine quality is constantly improving, products and.相关的主题文章: