2016 Guangzhou auto show new car preview — — SUV chapter (video) quickchm

The 2016 Guangzhou auto show car Preview – SUV the upcoming Guangzhou Auto Show (micro-blog) can simply call SUV models show, the upcoming listing of the new car or one half of all SUV: the Volkswagen Atlas days ago, SAIC Volkswagen New large SUV finally opened a mysterious veil, it is reported that the new car will be unveiled at the Guangzhou Auto Show debut this year the first quarter of 2017, Chinese entered the market, as a new domestic large SUV, its competitors in the country is still relatively hard to find. The overseas edition named Atlas, Atlas is a Hercules in Greek mythology, the name, while the domestic version of the Chinese name will be announced at the Guangzhou auto show, the SUV and PHIDEON together to become a popular family of Hui ang flagship model. The new Volkswagen 7 large SUV Atlas debut, more stunning appearance than the Audi Q7, in order to create a high-end, tough style, the new car uses a large bonnet design, chrome grille and headlights on both sides of the LED are connected as a whole, strengthen the transverse tension. The side waist front wheel cover has been extended to the tail, highlighting the sense of muscle, trim design through the tail with the tail of the LED taillights, rich visual effects. Its length, width and height are 5039mm, 1989mm, 1773mm, wheelbase up to 2980mm, and Audi Q7 (reference, pictures, inquiry) basically the same. Technology configuration, with a full LED headlights and taillights, 12.3 inch LCD digital instrument, mobile phone wireless charging, DCC dynamic suspension, 4 Motion four-wheel drive, 8 driving modes, lane keeping and advanced adaptive cruise control equipment. Security configuration, providing 9 airbags, pre crash protection system, 360°, Area View, active tire pressure monitoring, blind spot monitoring, fatigue monitoring configuration. Overseas version of the interior official figure interior, from the overseas version of the official figure can be seen, is still familiar with the popular style, but more luxury. Power, the car first introduced 2.5T V6 engine, which is the world’s first models equipped with this engine, maximum torque and rated power were as high as 500Nm, 220Kw, DSG with 7 speed wet dual clutch transmission, one hundred kilometers in just 6.9 seconds. In addition, it also provides 2.0T high-power version of the engine, 2.0T Standard Version of the engine for consumer choice. And the first to launch seven models. The Volkswagen Tiguan (ginseng, pictures, inquiry) before we get a group of domestic car Volkswagen Tiguan from relevant channel, this car will be in November 18th opening of the Guangzhou auto show debut. Appearance, new Tiguan follows the family design style is the most popular new vehicle lines, more rigid, has great difference with the current model. From the spy photos of the vehicle can be seen there is not much difference between the domestic cars and imported version whole, such as the net and other small details of the localization design, in addition to domestic cars imported version of wheelbase compared to increased 110mm, the total length is increased by 226mm. Identification of tail 380TSI.相关的主题文章: