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2016 Shanghai City real estate tax levy can pay online payment yesterday (7 days), the Shanghai Municipal Local Taxation Bureau officially released on 2016 in Shanghai city to pay personal housing property tax (hereinafter referred to as the "property tax") related matters that also launched online payment specified property tax 2016 annual confiscated pay through the system platform the website, taxpayers simply log Shanghai paid through the site () or pay through APP, you can easily check the year 2016 personal property tax. In addition, the 2015 year old property tax overdue fines can also be paid through the payment platform. Previously, as long as one of the taxpayers login paid through the platform input of real estate and property of people, the documents can be taxable confiscated, but since October 8th this year, Shanghai full implementation of unified registration of immovable property system. Registration of real estate by the replacement of real estate registration, real estate property rights certificate and registration certificate to stop issuing, "real estate certificate" and "real estate registration certificate". Before the implementation of the system in accordance with the law issued by the various types of real estate ownership certificate, registration certificate continues to be valid, the right does not change, the certificate does not change. Therefore, this year’s real estate tax in new real estate confiscated confiscated card function. Taxpayers login paid through the platform, the input of real estate or real property can be confiscated taxable certificate no.. At the same time, taxpayers can use any bank card, pay through card, Fu Feibao and other payment methods to pay online property tax. Professional estimates, integrated in the property market this year, this year the number of residential units and taxable taxable population is still rising, in order to avoid the line to pay outlets before the end of queuing, suggested that taxpayers choose online channels to confiscate personal housing property tax. According to reports, this year, Shanghai individual housing property tax levy is paid through the channel, the designated bank and tax window, and is paid through the Shanghai Municipal Local Taxation Bureau only designated personal property tax online tax channel. Through the network channels tax not only can free to queue, carrying the original documents of trouble, can also get free mailing tax payment certificates. Because of busy, forgotten and causes property tax payment of the taxpayer, also available through online channels to pay 2015 year before the real estate tax and the corresponding fines, effectively avoid the adverse effects of personal credit.相关的主题文章: