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2016 Yiwu City Campus Football League start primary school sports group – Sohu network news: September 2016 afternoon, Yiwu City Campus Football League primary school group start, will start on the morning of the junior high school group. In order to reflect the level of internationalization of the city, this year will be limited to foreign students. The competition was a total of school teams, including junior high school, elementary school. When the League three months to the end of the end of the month, is expected to participate in the game will reach more than one million. School football association Zhang Hanming, Jiang Shouming, and, and the city of football, Huang Sheng, and so on, respectively, and so on, respectively, to compete in the field of supervision, and so on, respectively, and so on, respectively,, the school football association, and so on, and so on, respectively, to the Football Association, and so on, the. This year, the city level of football has a new breakthrough, especially the primary school group has made remarkable achievements, there are teams participating in the competition for the top six: Provincial Experimental Primary School Education Group primary school women’s group B and group A were the first in Zhejiang province and fifth, Zhejiang Normal University attached primary school girls a third woman B, Su three third, Futian primary school men’s B fifth. Campus football has become the city’s education system a beautiful card. Before the exercise goalkeeper in the men’s B · experimental primary school education group VS Qingkou primary school girls a small VS, · Kennedy in four small woman B · stars; Foreign Language School of Zhejiang Normal University Affiliated Primary School of Yiwu VS men’s · Xiuhu primary school education group vs Zhejiang Normal University Affiliated Experimental school in Yiwu相关的主题文章: