2017 Buick keangkewei listed full lineup expanded to 10 new network – in huangshexiaoshuo

2017 Buick keangkewei listed full lineup expanded to 10 models – Beijing, Beijing, September 20,   September 19th, SAIC GM announced 2017 Buick keangkewei officially listed. 2017 new 20T keangkewei precursor technology, 20T precursor and 28T luxury four-wheel drive leading type 3 cars, the lineup expanded to 10 models, the price range of 209 thousand and 900 yuan -34.99 yuan. At the same time, the 2017 Buick keangkewei upgrade to a new generation of smart interconnected system equipped with Onstar vehicle 4G LTE and support Apple CarPlay, and launched a new red agate color appearance, more and more rich technology configuration models of choice for consumers. Today, 2017 keangkewei in the Buick dealership sales began. Buick keangkewei price (yuan) 28T four-wheel drive flagship decathlon 349900 28T 4WD all-round flagship 339900 28T four-wheel drive luxury 299900 28T AWD elite 269900 28T four-wheel drive leading type 259900 20T four-wheel drive luxury luxury 245900 259900 20T precursor 20T precursor elite 235900 20T precursor leading type 219900 20T precursor technology type 209900   body; color: Brown Purple Topaz sky pearl black white snow covered the golden agate red (Xin Zeng  ); interior color: Black swallowtail deep wine red precise insight into market based on 2017 keangkewei Xin Zeng 3 models to fit the needs of consumers. The precursor of 20T technology to practical and rich with a further reduced keangkewei car market threshold; 20T and 28T precursor luxury four-wheel drive leading is to strengthen the competitiveness in keangkewei 24-26 million SUV core prices, so that consumers in the comfort and driving more fun to choose between. The new infrared color using environmental protection decoration agate water color paint in material and technology, bring a fashion color for the SUV market. A new generation of OnStar Jetion full time assistant provides 21 major car services, and through the original vehicle integrated system is connected with the built-in 4G LTE network, to provide a stronger signal, mobile WiFi hotspot is more stable for the user. The new car also upgraded the wisdom of the interconnected system, support Apple CarPlay vehicle system, flexible adaptation of the mobile Internet era car demand. It is worth mentioning that, although adding new type reduced Car Buying keangkewei threshold, but still the whole system comes standard with rich configuration: LED daytime driving lights and taillights, keyless entry and a key start, ANC active noise reduction technology, automatic engine start stop, LED top liner lighting, EPB electronic parking, reversing radar. Dynamic chassis, 2017 Buick keangkewei continue to carry the highly acclaimed Ward ten 2.0T SIDI direct injection turbocharged engine and 1.5T SID.相关的主题文章: