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27 hot spots: Jeremy donations to his alma mater, 1 million rocket boss like harden – Sohu sports Beijing time on October 27th, let us work together to review the news today TOP5 (click to read more titles) 1 Eagle 4 years 70 million to sign Schroder reporting from ESPN point guard Denis Schroder and the Hawks reached a period of 4 years the total value of $70 million to renew the agreement in advance. Sources said that the new contract of $62 million ($15 million 500 thousand per year) is guaranteed, the remaining $8 million reward mechanism. This is the eagles since the offseason sent third copies of 2 copies respectively before the contract is 4 years $70 million contract. Baez Moore, 3 years and $70 million 500 thousand to sign Dwight Howard. "I am very happy to be able to play 4 more years in the hawks. I love the fans, coaches and teammates here! Atlanta is my home!" After the renewal of the contract with the Hawks, Schroder wrote on social media. 2 Jeremy Lin donations to his alma mater, 1 million nets point guard Jeremy Lin and the team announced that they have been to Jeremy Lin’s alma mater, Harvard University student fund for a donation of $1 million, and renovated the school basketball stadium. Jeremy Lin has played for 4 years at the Harvard University and has served as captain of the team. This 4 years, Jeremy Lin has selected 3 Ivy League team, is also the first in the history of the Ivy League at least 1450 points and 450 rebounds and 400 assists and 200 steals. "There is no doubt that I am in this period of time at Harvard for me now on and off the field of success will have a huge impact," said Jeremy Lin, "I am very pleased for this world-class schools, do something for the students who are excellent in character and learning, it is my pleasure, especially to improve and I was there through countless training basketball stadium." 3 rocket boss like harden a league best according to the "Houston Chronicle" reported that in an interview, Rockets owner Alexander said, may be the active player harden alliance at the same time, in his view, now the chemical reaction rocket is good, hope can continue. Last season, the Rockets are not ideal, in the first round of the playoffs was eliminated warriors. After this offseason operation, the Rockets play and adjustments. At least from the preseason situation, the Rockets lineup in good results. "Everyone appreciates each other now," Alexander said. "We’ll see what happens. I hope this will continue. I think we have a great team. Obviously you want the team to have good communication, and the players can care for each other. We didn’t do well this season." 4 German handsome look forward to Harden field average assists Beijing time on October 27th, the news from the media reported that today, the Rockets will usher in the new season regular season opener, the opponent is the young Lakers on the team, said in a statement on. At UCLA shooting after the end of the training, coach Mike – DAntoni said he expected that James harden.相关的主题文章: