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Business The key underlying elements of any pagan cult which employs cultural .munalism, with the objective of universal domination is the following: 1. Leadership cult and elite control of the cult. 2. Ideology as propaganda, not reality. 3. Cult pretending to be divinely inspired. 4. Terror and control. 5. Racism or Supremacism with the intent of Universalism or global domination. 6. Cross-Class appeal. 7. Economic Autarchy. 8. Hatred of individualism and classic Liberalism. 9. Jihadic War and domination. and 10. Rigidity and inevitable collapse. Mohamed was no prophet. Neither was Hitler. Their programs were similar fascisms. In fact the similarities are so striking that one can say that Hitler’s ravings in Mein Kampf, mirror similar madness to be found in the Koran. Both programs inspired by hate, fear, power mongering and war lead inevitably to conflict and for the fascist cult a violent death. Hitler’s war destroyed 70 million people. Mohammad’s insanity has inspired a movement which has killed some 300 millions in 1400 years. Hitler’s Reich was bombed into a ruin. Mohamed’s empire has been far more successful and mutable. Once the Ottoman empire was dismembered it became clear that Islam had no formal center of control – it was a disseminated ideology spread across the world and tenaciously defended by its cult adherents. Hitler could only have dreamed of creating so virile and viable a pagan program as that initiated by the illiterate Arab Mohamed. [see this link on why Mad Moh is a fascist Mohammed the fascist] Mohamed was an anti-Semite who killed with his own hands. He raped a 9 year old girl. He led 80 odd military expeditions. He was violent, lecherous, spiteful, adulterous, and conniving. He was also like Hitler, and to a lesser extent Stalin, probably quite mad. Much of the Koran and the so-called teachings of Mohammad are revelations that would embarrass a drunken psychopath. Hitler was little better. His Mein Kampf laid out the blueprint for World War II and the Holocaust. Churchill read the book once Hitler became a political threat in the early 30s. Few other Western leaders bothered. The same is true today. Few leaders have bothered to read the Koran and fewer still understand the historical rise of Islam. To have understood Hitler you needed to have read his self declared Bible. To understand Mohamed’s Arab cult premised around ali-ilah or the male Meccan moon deity, you need to read the Koran – if you can get through its nonsense. Mohamed like Hitler was a single minded fanatic. It is a small step from the simpleton single-mindedness of someone with good intentions to the fanatical fatalism of a deranged madman. 19th century century Swiss historian Burckhardt wrote correctly about the dangers of Mohammedan obsessiveness: "Muhammad is personally very fanatical; that is his basic strength. His fanaticism is that of a radical simplifier and to that extent is quite genuine. It is of the toughest variety, namely doctrinaire passion, and his victory is one of the greatest victories of fanaticism and triviality. All idolatry, everything mythical, everything free in religion, all the multifarious ramifications of the hitherto existing faith, transport him into a real rage, and he hits upon a moment when large strata of his nation were highly receptive to an extreme simplification of the religious." [Source] About the Author: 相关的主题文章: