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4A scenic spot was downgraded to 3A director of the Xuzhou Tourism Bureau: This is a new thing in the network newspaper published in September 28th 3 4A level scenic spots was downgraded to 3A, 17 of the problems 4A level scenic spots was the deadline for the rectification of the news. How to deal with the treatment of scenic spots? Reporters yesterday to contact a number of processing area, in addition to individual declined reporter interview, the majority of scenic spots have said it will control the entry points to intensify rectification, and strive to make the best of a bad job". Has been in the drafting of the rectification measures in the Provincial Tourism Bureau announced the 20 problems in the scenic area, Huaian accounted for 4. Among them, Huaian ancient culture of Huaihe ecological area, Huaian County of Xuyi Tieshan Temple National Forest Park 2 warning and rectification 1 month deadline, Huaian Xuyi County, the first mountain scenic area is a serious warning and rectification of the 2 months, Huaian Xuyi County, Ming Zuling was downgraded to 3A level scenic spots. 28 afternoon, the reporter linked to the Huaian Tourism Bureau planning department head Zhou Shaohua. 27, received a notification of the results, this morning has been in a meeting, the afternoon is drafting rectification measures." He said, the 4 scenic spots have been required to report the rectification plan, the Council will be real-time tracking, ensure the rectification in place for a year after being relegated to the scenic 4A regression. As is most scenic area, Xuyi County Tourism Bureau Yang Jun said, after this thing out of the county has attached great importance to the county leaders in charge of specialized organizations held a meeting to come up with feasible improvement scheme, can not affect the brand image the whole city. Wuxi relevant person in charge told reporters the South Temple scenic area, the morning newspaper did not know this thing, this is a day to pick up all aspects of a lot of phone, specially to inspect the district tourism bureau. Has been self inspection, such as deduction of specific content to the content after the rectification. Peixian Seoul Xuzhou scenic area has also been downgraded to 3A. When the reporter contacted the Xuzhou Municipal Tourism Bureau, the first reaction was that it was a good thing". "It is very hard to create, but do not know the maintenance, do not cherish the brand 4A scenic spots, this time should know to cherish, good things!" Yong Xin Yong said that the Seoul scenic resources of high historical value, but management seems to keep up. However, there are scenic spots also declined a reporter’s interview. Ganyu District of Lianyungang Anti Japanese mountain scenic area is also the degraded scenic. When the reporter contacted the Ganyu District Tourism Bureau Director Guo Yu, he made it clear that the scenic spot has been downgraded news, if you want to interview, please contact the Ministry of publicity." The parking lot and the toilet is flawed in what is the problem, leading to the scenic spots to be downgraded or requiring rectification? Provincial Tourism Bureau bulletin said, "the problems are mainly concentrated in the area of traffic inconvenience, parking management, visitor center facilities not complete, lack of toilets and overall health dirty environment, safety inspections in place, wisdom scenic construction is slow, tourism commodity characteristics, the focus of remediation work carried out ineffective, and daily management system is not perfect, the national distance 4A and 5A level scenic standard has a certain gap." In an interview with reporters found that for some of the old area, parking lot and the toilet is flawed. Xuyi first mountain scenic office staff Li相关的主题文章: