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UnCategorized 1) Avoidable mistake: mailing sales packages to cold lists By now you should know what a cold list is. In case you dont know, it is a list of names of people who are not at all interested in the offer made by you. They generally dont ask for more information about your offer. The bitter truth is they are indifferent to your interests and do not care how big your .pany is. If you mail your opportunity to this frozen list, you will be simply wasting your money. The members of this list are cold to your information and believe that it is trash. So avoid this mistake and only mail the warm leads who request more information about your opportunity. It is important to learn how to generate your own warm leads, rather than spending a fortune on leads that have been resold many times over. 2) Avoidable mistake: not building a warm relationship with the prospects You have not tried to build a good reliable relationship with you new prospects you have made. But, you still think that those prospects will risk their bank balance with you for acting as their sponsor. Nonsense! This is a vain hope on your part. So how will you avoid this mistake? You must demand a series of follow-up letters from your upline. These series are used by your sponsors to recruit people. Again request them to give you the phone script which they were utilizing. Now you have the opportunity for to create new follow-up system which will provide you with a handful of fresh downline partners. Continue to pursue your prospects with the best follow up tools. 3) Avoidable mistake: mailing the prospect more than one offer A sure way to irritate your prospect is to mailing him more than one mlm offer. If one finds a bouquet of mails, the mails find their way certainly to the trash bin. 4) Avoidable mistake: your reluctance to spend money on training Like any other legitimate business, certain methods are necessary to follow in network marketing to make money out of it. You must work on learning the ropes of this business. You should always spend enough money to buy training materials, course, tapes, books and other things. The right training is necessary to obtain profits from the business. 5) Avoidable mistake: your refusal to work hard MLMers talk about working hard to make money in every possible way. But the concept of working hard tragically doesnt appear in most of the MlMers daily routine! This is certainly a misunderstanding on the part on them. And the reason of the lack of working hard is laziness! The truth is all are not born with equal mentality. Its easier to watch television rather than to make follow-up calls. If you want to succeed in network marketing, make sure that you avoid these 5 mistakes. Take the time to learn how to generate the best leads and get the training of how to contact them, what to send them, and how to convert them into distributors. Keep charging, dont get discouraged. God bless. About the Author: Jeff Flow is a network marketing author. Jeff says, STOP PAYING FOR MLM LEADS! Dont get ripped off by lead generation .panies anymore!!! Learn how to generate your own unique, warm, interested, PREsold leads. FREE report click here Article Published On: 相关的主题文章: