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6 children’s emotional needs, you have to have children – Sohu mother get good grades if the children in daily life always have feelings of failure, he will become get disheartened. Therefore, parents should pay attention to the child a request is not too high, so as not to exceed the limits of children made him frustrated; on the other hand, the request to consider the characteristics of the child, so that he can make progress on the one hand, and enjoy the fun. Belonging to the collective needs of children often like to play with other children, learning together, get happy in the collective. If you are alone for a long time, the child’s mood will be depressed and depressed. Parents should try to create opportunities for children to learn and play together with their peers. Even if the child had to temporarily leave the collective (such as illness, holiday back home, etc.) parents also try to take a message through a variety of ways, let the children know the thoughts of his partner, so he always feel the warmth of the collective. Esteem need children what and how to learn, what to play, how to play, not mandatory by the parents, parents should be sensible to inspire children to use their brains to want to do, and let him enhance the sense of responsibility in self evaluation. Once the child has made progress, it should be timely to make positive evaluation and positive encouragement. Children need some sense out of negligence committed a fault or experienced several failures, they lack of energy, if parents blindly blame, it is easy to form a psychological depression. Therefore, parents should be in a calm mood to treat the child’s fault, let him know that everyone will make mistakes, as long as the correct child is a good. The need to overcome shyness when children have fear of unfamiliar activities rather than in the psychological, parents is not the task of driving him to do or frighten him, but consciously guide him to avoid misfortune and hurt. When the child accidentally fell down and broke his knee, then the parents must not be to get excited over a little thing to create an atmosphere of terror, but comforted him: "don’t be nervous, blood in the body will grow out of the. Fear of the child, parents should be explained to eliminate his concerns. The establishment of emotion will form a kind of silent power, and the emotional process is also a process of mutual influence and interaction. Parents have a child, the child is willing to be together with their parents, they have a sense of intimacy, parents respect, understanding, care for the child, the child is more respect for parents. This can not only encourage children to consciously accept the teachings of parents, but also can make the child’s interest in learning to improve, good learning habits to develop. Share the most abundant, the most comprehensive maternal and child safety and health; early childhood education, parenting and other aspects of the information, and with the baby grow up healthy and happy! Everything in the Po mom class, focus on methods: micro signal: baomakt (public number search baomakt long press copy)相关的主题文章: