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8 China tourists in South Korea beat China’s response to the female boss Restaurant – Sohu news [Global Times reported] one of the "8 Chinese tourists in Korea Jeju Island beat a local restaurant hostess" video in Korean network spread, triggered a bristle. South Korean "national daily" 13 entitled "punish China visitors" editorial, said China tourists "violence after the incident occurred, the Jeju local people" is not only filled with righteous indignation "because the event itself is still showing a" surge situation in Jeju local crime in Chinese". What is the truth of the incident? 13, 2009, the Chinese Consulate General in Jeju to the Global Times reporter, said the owner of the business for the Chinese Korean nationality, both parties are Chinese citizens. Jeju Island local media "people daily" reported that 13, September 9th at 10:25 in the evening, Tianmou (37 years old) and 8 China tourists in Jeju City, a restaurant on the lotus hole shop owner a (53 years old) "there is no reason to commit atrocities, and lead to a" cerebral hemorrhage". In this paper, China tourists this "supercilious attitude caused outrage". Jeju west police department 12 on suspicion of one of the Chinese tourists issued a warrant for the arrest of the remaining 3 people deported from the country, the 5. South Korea, Chosun Ilbo, 13, said the event was tense atmosphere, the owner’s daughter had shouted murder, the police rushed to the police". The incident is Chinese tourists to buy wine into the restaurant drinking was rejected from the outside, so the quarrel and violence "and the owner and the waiter". In addition to the owner of a scene outside the brain bleeding, 28 year old Korean Zheng and other 3 people were injured. China Consulate General in Jeju on the 13 aspects of the "Global Times" reporter said that the South Korean Consulate General of police information bulletin said, the time for local time 9 days this month, about 22:30, 8 Nanjing tourists in Jeju Island China dispute with local businesses, leading to clashes. Businessmen from the Northeast Korean boss, more than and 60 years old, is hospitalized for cerebral hemorrhage. Both sides are Chinese citizens, the initial investigation of the incident because the bring their own drinks". South Korean police on the same day will be involved in 8 Nanjing tourists away for investigation, of which 3 were not detained investigation was released on the 12 day. According to the "Global Times" reporter in South Korea, Korean restaurants generally do not allow guests to go drinks. This Korean practice knows, there is no legal provisions for management. Chinese Consulate General in Jeju, said on the morning of 12, was put into the hall to help the people of the past, when the embassy suggested that the two sides reconciliation, and the introduction of the relevant lawyers, in case of reconciliation can not go on the judicial proceedings of the 3. Then 3 people from the museum has not appeared. It is understood that the two sides fight if it is relatively easy to solve, but the camera shows, at the time of the Nanjing tourists with the business owner smashed the bottle head, causing her directly back down, hospitalization due to cerebral hemorrhage. This behavior is in accordance with South Korean law group violence, the plot is more serious. Consulate General suggested that Nanjing tourists come up with the other side of the settlement, if the other side can not agree on the judicial proceedings. When the South Korean police investigation results can be released? Consulate General said相关的主题文章: