922 pieces of the tomb of the tomb will be displayed in the Museum of Jiangxi province (Figure) – Ch unfccc

The 922 sea faint Hou tomb relics will be exhibited in the Museum of Jiangxi province (Figure) – Beijing Beijing in October 9 Nanchang Xinhua (reporter Liu Zhankun) "shocking discovery — Nanchang Han Dynasty unearthed in the faint Hou Sea Exhibition" will be held in October 11th in Jiangxi Province Museum officially opened, 922 pieces of the Tomb of the sea faint Hou exquisite cultural relics will be on public display. 9 afternoon, Xinhua reporters from the Jiangxi provincial Party Committee Propaganda Department, Jiangxi Provincial Department of culture, Jiangxi Province Cultural Relics Bureau jointly held the "Nanchang Han sea country faint Hou protection of the archaeological excavations by" press conference was informed of the news. The Nanchang sea is found at the faint Hou tomb structure China the most complete layout, the most clear, the most intact preserved liehou cemetery in Han dynasty. After 5 years of archaeological excavations, the tomb unearthed gold, bronze, iron, jade, lacquer ware, textiles, ceramics, bamboo and wooden slips and other kinds of precious cultural relics of more than 1 pieces (sets). Li Ronghua, deputy director of Jiangxi provincial museum said that the excavation and protection of the Han Dynasty in Nanchang sea in the ruins of the faint Hou by the national attention, and achieved fruitful results, the field of archaeology award highlights. In order to better showcase the latest archaeological achievements, meet the social great attention and show enthusiasm, the exhibition will serve as the Jiangxi Provincial Museum permanent exhibition long open to the public. Li Ronghua said, this is the cultural relics unearthed from the sea with Hou cemetery in Jiangxi last year and this year, Beijing Provincial Museum, the Capital Museum exhibition, third times for the public exhibition. The exhibition is the largest, the most complete display of content, the most selected exhibits. According to the introduction, this exhibition will be "discovering Cultural Interpretation: Interpretation of the characters of the future" as the main line, "Hou, Wang Houweiyi, discovered the tomb of Liu He, sharing" four parts. Among them, the sea exhibition selected faint Hou Liu He tomb cemetery unearthed and its representative and meet the conditions of the 922 cultural relics exhibition, representing the first Bo exhibition nearly doubled the number. The type of cultural relics covering bronze, ceramics, gold, jade horn, and many other categories, on the current protection, not suitable for display of bamboo wood lacquer through reproductions, plates, and other forms of multimedia slide show. Li Ronghua said that the exhibition design is also integrated into the typical elements of the architecture, tall towering existing modeling Dynasty people back to the magnificent exhibition in the Western Han Dynasty; the red and golden yellow color, its elements were Yu Hai faint Hou Liu He unearthed from the tomb of the largest number of the most important gold, bronze and lacquer, create a clean soft exhibition atmosphere, led the audience approached the edge of the Poyang Lake sea in the mysterious faint hou. Li Ronghua also said that for this exhibition possible peak flow, to create elegant visiting environment and make the audience comfortable exhibition, at the same time from the audience long time queue, launched special exhibition in advance control flow. Daily visiting number is limited to 4000 people, and afternoon 2000. (end)相关的主题文章: