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A man in Nantong to escape the law enforcement police threatened to kill you crashed his illegally parked earlier, not only did not listen to discourage police, also threatened to believe I killed you, then drove down the traffic police. This is yesterday (2) morning took place in the urban and rural workers Road intersection in Qingnian Road. At present, someone’s man was sentenced to 8 days of administrative detention for obstructing police law enforcement. Incident recalled around 9:30 yesterday morning, the city traffic police two brigade police Chen Liang in the city of Qingnian Road Road intersection workers on duty, saw a Soviet F license black car parked on the non motorized vehicle lane. Because the car is obstructing the traffic, Chen Liang approached liangmingshenfen, motioned the man will leave the car parking zone, however, man has refused to take the car, his mouth has been saying "I stopped two or three minutes?". In a number of cases to discourage invalid, the police asked the man to produce a driver’s license, driving license. The face of police, the man has turned a blind eye to make the phone call, after hanging up the phone actually asked "why should I get off the police to produce documents?" Then, threatened to believe I killed you!". When the two sides deadlocked, a woman came over and handed the man a thing, the man got something, turned on the car ready to drive away. Because the man has not produced a driver’s license, the police suspect his driving without a license, do not let it leave. In order to prevent the man from the scene, police Chen Liang stood in front of the car. At that moment, an unexpected scene took place. The man suddenly forced to drive the car to move forward, will be less than Chen Liang knocked down to the ground. However, the man did not immediately get off, also argues that "I pull it?". Daily you will not understand: the eldest brother, you have illegally parked on the roadside, how to pull over there? After being knocked down, Chen Liang immediately call the police 110. The Public Security Bureau Chongchuan on-site emergency alarm police station arrived, the driver will be taken to the police station for further investigation. Law enforcement recorder recorded all the process. Fortunately, the traffic police Chen Liang was not injured. But someone’s behavior is really bad, I hope 8 days time enough for him to reflect on. Extended video: too fat child! Illegally parked traffic police checked the car hit相关的主题文章: