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Home-Improvement Too many people believe that a residential roofer is just someone to call when you have a roof repair that needs to be fixed. But I found out that a residential roofer can actually help people with so many other things besides a simple roof repair. I called a residential roofer to find out what I need to do to take advantage of the superb tax credits the Federal government is offering homeowners that remodel their homes with environmentally friendly materials; he didnt even stop to think about it. He instantly started to list all kinds of options. I have an old flat roof home in Southern California and I never was able to use the space for much. My wife and children would hang out up there and lie in the sun or grow a few vegetables in small planting trays, but that was it. The residential roofer suggested a product I had never even heard of: Green roofs. When he said green roofs I knew I had to look totally stupid because I had no idea what he was talking about. The residential roofer explained to me that green roofs were total rooftop gardens and patio spaces that qualify for the federal governments tax credit, supplied for environmentally friendly remodel jobs. He even told me that it was a good idea for me to talk to my tax professional before I .mitted to having him do the project, so I knew how much of a tax credit I could get. The residential roofer even helped me to design a water collection system that is usually used to water green roofs. By collecting rain water, I have added even more of a savings than just the tax credit. Now my entire family relaxes hours each day on the roof. Last week we had all the friends and family over to grill up there. I couldn’t be happier about the residential roofer I got. A few things to look for in a residential roofer include making sure that they are state licensed and insured. When you meet with a residential roofer, ask them for a least three references of other work they have done and go check the other work out. A residential roofer that knows how to .plete green roofs might seem like an extraordinary occurrence, but they are out there. I just happened to get lucky and find the best one the first time. When I decided that I was all set to hire the residential roofer he came by and had me sign a contract and then asked for a deposit. I balked at first, but I had previously checked with the State of Californians web page regarding contractors in the state. The page said that I should never pay more than ten percent as a deposit and to never pay for labor that was not done. I offered the residential roofer a ten percent deposit and a few weeks later we were up on the roof enjoying the beautiful southern California sun. With the tax cut and utility savings, this job has already paid for itself. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: