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UnCategorized Whenever a new technology comes in, it can take time to adjust to all the differences. There can be confusion about HDTV technology, and is something that you will need to know before buying a HD TV set. In this article, you will find a simple FAQ on HDTV. As a simple FAQ HDTV guide, it will guide you in all the information you need to buy a set. As you read this article, you will discover the answers to these questions: * What Is HDTV? * About The Different Formats Available With HDTV * How Much Will You Need To Spend To Get A Good HDTV Set? * The Difference Between Analogue And Digital * What You Will Need To Get HDTV? * What Is HDTV? HDTV stands for high definition television, and is the latest in pristine and top quality home video entertainment. Since 1950, television technology has been primitive. We had black and white, and then we switched to color. As time went by, the technology improved and we had better looking images. However, HDTV is a landmark in television technology since 1950. The technology in high definition sets allows you to watch movies, and television programs that are transmitted in high definition, at more than double the quality, that a standard analogue television set can deliver. High definition, when receiving high definition channels and movies, gives you rich sound and visual experiences, which are unparalleled with even the best of analogue television. You need to receive signals that are in high definition to get the most out of high definition television sets. * About The Different Formats Available With HDTV High definition television sets come in 2 versions. That is those that are either HD720 or HD1080, also called – 720p and 1080p, respectively. This figure refers to the amount of lines horizontally. Obviously more the better, however, 1080p will be more expensive than a 720p set. * How Much Will You Need To Spend To Get A Good HDTV Set? High definition television sets have gone down in price. So, it is much easier to buy now, then it used to be a few years ago. A good television set with HD, for a family home, at a screen size of 40", currently costs less than $1,500 online. * The Difference Between Analogue And Digital Analogue and digital differences can be best seen when looking at an analogue watch, and a digital watch. The difference is that digital signals are information in bits. This allows much more flexibility, and much more room for improving the image, compared with basic analogue, which is limited. * What You Will Need To Get HDTV? To be able to get the full benefits of a high definition television set, you will need a few things. First you need a HDTV set capable of displaying high definition images. You also will need a source which provides these high definition signals. Satellite and cable companies have started transmitting some channels in high definition. You also need a HDTV tuner, but you may have one as part of the high definition television, you buy. Also cable companies and satellite companies provide a set top box that allows you to get those signals to your new television. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: