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Accident! Russian spaceship simulator is still using Windows XP- Sohu digital XP is too old, but if you think it has been completely eliminated, it is wrong, and today, XP is still the world’s third largest operating system, far beyond Windows 8.1 and Mac OS X 10.11. In addition to the civilian use of outdoor, it is still active in "sophisticated" units, such as the British Royal Navy Trident nuclear submarine. And recently, foreign media found that the Russian spacecraft simulator is still running Windows XP, people call the accident. According to foreign media reports, the French astronaut Thomas Pesquet received surprise training in Russia, the Russian Soyuz spacecraft simulator is still running the Windows XP operating system. Well, see the familiar blue sky wallpaper again here? As early as April 2014, Microsoft has no longer provide technical support for Windows XP, there is no update and no security patch, so why is the Russian Soyuz spacecraft simulator still using such an antiquated and extremely incomplete system? The reason is that the computer running XP is not connected to the Internet, and can not be accessed in any form, so in addition, the Russians are also worried that the use of the new Windows system, will be Microsoft spy national secrets. Let’s feel it:

意外!俄飞船模拟器还在用Windows XP-搜狐数码  XP的确太老,但如果你以为它已经彻底被淘汰那就错了,时至今日,XP依然是全球第三大操作系统,远超Windows 8.1和Mac OS X 10.11。   除了平民用户外,它甚至还依然活跃在“高精尖”单位,比如英国皇家海军的三叉戟核潜艇。而最近有外媒发现,俄罗斯宇宙飞船模拟器也还在运行Windows XP,让人大呼意外。   据外媒报道,法国宇航员Thomas Pesquet在俄罗斯接受培训的时候惊奇地发现,俄罗斯联盟号飞船模拟器还在运行Windows XP操作系统。喏,看到下图中再熟悉不过的蓝天草地壁纸了吗?   早在2014年4月,微软就已经不再为Windows XP提供技术支持,没有更新也没有安全补丁,那为啥俄罗斯联盟号飞船模拟器还在使用这样一款老掉牙且极为不全完的系统呢?   原因在于,这台运行XP的计算机并未连接到互联网,也不能以任何形式被外部访问,所以…   此外,俄罗斯人也担心使用新Windows系统,会被微软刺探到国家机密。   大家感受一下:相关的主题文章: