Age difference of 28 Tony Leung Wu Yifan spell handsome you more optimistic about who aptana studio

Age difference of 28 Tony Leung Wu Yifan spell handsome you more optimistic about who? Lead: after a lapse of eleven years, Ma Chucheng’s "Raiders series" film was a sequel. The sequel to the European Raiders ushered in Tony Leung, the two men of God playing handsome PK. This age difference 28 years old male god duel, you are more optimistic about who? (Editor: Gon Freecss @ Tony Leung, Wu Yifan Milan off meat) framing Wu Yifan according to Hongkong media reports, for many years did not play comedy Tony Leung, was shot in Italy by Ma Chucheng’s "Raiders" series third movie "Raiders" in europe. The king Tony Leung will partner little meat Wu Yifan and Tang Yan, the three stars have arrived in Milan in the shooting of ancient buildings. Tony Leung maintained the top two of the cool and mysterious look, long version of the coat collocation Black Slim pants, handsome as ever. And for the first time with actor Wu Yifan in cooperation silver appearance, senior challenge. Two age difference between the age of 28 male god, it opened a play handsome PK war. Tony Leung old photos of Wu Yifan a tide filled Wu Yifan and Tony Leung show up, then we can not the same box verification two generation of men and God?! Although the Wuli is now also Fanfan young, with guards legs advantage. But king Tony Leung was also full of collagen, playing the handsome can not lose the slightest. Plus the double acting eyes charm. Tony Leung posing "Infernal Affairs" the classical review "Chongqing forest" Tony Leung "eyes kill" in the film since the fight is posing, then you must look at two before posing experience. Like King Tony Leung such a fire for several decades of the universe of male god, in the works of the camera lens to the number of countless. Tony Leung is a Chinese film in posing master, skill should not be underestimated. Small ye Wu Yifan posing and Wu Yifan although it is a green hand, but in the film "old gun" to the identity of small, cool appearance, it really bright spots. Whether the two men of God who is more cool, they can see the same frame of competition, the audience will see. I give Wu Yifan Tony Leung Wu Yifan Burberry catwalk catwalk as everyone knows, Wu Yifan is not only a small, cool master, or a new fashion Icon. Wu Yifan was a big luxury Burberry show, and the show closed out supermodel scene, the moment is so cool. But as the king class male god Tony Leung, in fact, as early as 1997 had boarded the international T station, he worked for Yohji Yamamoto Homme show, the audience rolling temperament. Tony Leung Wu Yifan cover large cover large two people also have the cover of major fashion magazines favourite, although now the Tony Leung super low-key, usually even appeared rarely, but when young had appeared topless cover, the cover of the best scale has been far left a small Ye Wu yifan. Wu Yifan is one of the little meat, is now the cover of the new overlord. Look at the two are posing God with the box, in addition to a feast for the eyes, we should do is to learn how to tell male theology were cool.相关的主题文章: