Analysis a series of important meetings will be held in the high-rise or break a pattern

Analysis: a series of important meetings will be held in the high-rise or break the pattern of A shares a just A stock market Thursday Chonggao weak and small shocks finishing, September foreign trade data significantly below market expectations, worries about the two city stock index rose to around 3060 points, weak, narrow range, although the debt concept continues to be strong, but the bank, insurance and other heavyweights continued sluggish performance, dragged down the index continued upward pace, Shanghai all basic around 3060 points, a slight fluctuation. The GEM market Thursday followed the motherboard market synchronous operation, the Shenzhen Component Index underperformed the motherboard market all day long. The Shanghai Composite Index closed at 3061.34 points, up 0.09%; Shenzhengchengzhi to close at 10787.49 points, down 0.01%. Small plates rose 0.11%, the gem index fell by 0.05%. Shanghai and Shenzhen two city day total turnover of 432 billion 200 million yuan, compared with the previous trading day increased. From the hot plate, the two cities more than 50% stocks rose, including landscape engineering, utilities, construction, shipbuilding and other industries and diversified financial gainers; insurance, technology products, petroleum, medical and household appliances and other industries decliners. Engineering construction, landscape engineering, machinery, iron and steel industry and diversified financial net inflow of funds among the top; electronic information, chemical industry, pharmaceutical manufacturing, communications, metal products and other industries net outflow of funds among the top. On the news, yesterday has great influence on the stock market news; Chinese September imports far below expectations, exports the largest decline in 7 months; the central bank convened 17 bank meeting on market regulation, the rational treatment of the property market demand; the number of central enterprises to clear reform construction plans, the pilot of the central enterprises reform is expected to accelerate the central landing; the 5 meeting of deep restructuring plan, approved the sale of electricity side reforms pilot; top-level planning strategic emerging industries will develop super one hundred thousand, billion industry cluster. Recently, the central enterprises to accelerate the pace of reform. As of now, the "supporting documents 1+N" in the top-level design system has been introduced in 17, the central enterprises reform expanded to 10 to 21 central enterprises, the central enterprises also reduced the number to 103, a number of central enterprises a clear roadmap for reform. Industry experts pointed out that, according to the SASAC official years earlier in the planning, is expected to be integrated into a number of enterprises within the pilot and pilot mixed ownership of employees is expected to start this year. After rising two day festival, the market has basically digested the positive factors during the National Day holiday, the Shanghai Composite Index in 2050 near the re encounter resistance, OTC funds is still showing the characteristics of cash. In addition, the focus on the introduction of the measures around the purchase of real estate, but did not prompt investors to rush into the A-share market, we believe that the main reason is still not see the obvious effect of A funds to make money. The impact factors of A stock market still more, a series of important meetings will be held in the future high rise may break the current A stock market consolidation pattern. The results of the U.S. election in the future and the Fed’s interest rate hike before the end of the year is still expected to have a larger variable, the RMB is still facing devaluation pressure after joining the SDR, still need further observation. In addition, by the end of the year, the brightest institutions in the absence of significant rise is expected to appear before the majority may continue to be cautious;相关的主题文章: