Analysis of feed raw material market in August 31st sayu-02

August 31st feed raw material market analysis Sina fund exposure platform: letter Phi lag false propaganda, long-term performance is lower than similar products, how to buy a fund pit? Click [I want to complain], Sina help you expose them! 31 days local corn high. The new factory of Qinhuangdao 1660 Heze 1900 Anyang 2000 grain station Nanchang 2100 rose 50 Wuhan 2070 Jinzhou port 1850-1870 Shekou port 2020-2030 rose 30 due to the northeast part of the typhoon 2-3 day or later shipment, shipment and inventory forecast to reduce supply tensions intensified, Guangdong port prices continue to rise. 31, North Dalian Dandong Tieling 3130 slightly weak soybean meal 3150 Changchun 3190 Tianjin 3080 Xingping 3180 Qinhuangdao 3100 Yuncheng 20 fell down 10 Xi’an 3200 stable soybean yield prospects of pressure induced price fell seven, but the short-term tight supply of domestic soybean meal and terminal before stocking strong support; in addition the strong message or to still export beans the price support for soybean spot Dumbledore support. 31, DDGS slightly down. Daqing 1850 fell by 1680 Jilin rose by 30 Shijiazhuang Bengbu port of the year 1900 of the year 1900 to the port of Nanyang and the port of entry of the port of entry of the 1750 port of the people’s Republic of China in the year of. The port of Tianjin is located at the port of 2000 in the year of. Affected by the policy side of the news, the next 2 months, the number of imports will decline, the import price has the resilience. 31 VA on the market stability, the European market price in Euro 50-56 VA1000 kg, and vitamin A since July overhaul of 13-15 weeks, the domestic VA500 export prices decline, while the domestic market demand, some dealers shipped positive, the domestic VA market shock callback. 31, Xiajin 2950-3000 42% cottonseed meal multistability Linqing Xinjiang 2650-2700 3070; 46% 3150-3220 3240 Xiajin Linqing Xinjiang 2850-2880; 50% Weinan 2550 Jining 2450 pupil stalemate, cottonseed prices continue to run slightly weak, late with the new stock market, the market gradually zoudie possibility is big. 31, the South weak soybean meal. Quanzhou 3150 Lianyungang 3080 Taizhou 3060 Wuhan 3140 Yueyang 3150 Dongguan sunshine trade fell 20 3170 3150 soybean yield prospects of Fangcheng steady pressure caused by the price fell for seven days, but the short-term tight supply of domestic soybean meal and terminal before stocking strong support; in addition to the strong U.S. soybean exports are still the price support or message to soybean meal spot Dumbledore support. The 31 day meal steady weak Fangcheng 2420-2430 fell 30-40 Dongguan 2600 Guangzhou 2590 Yingkou 2450-2500 trade fell 10 domestic type 200 Chengdu 2350 Xingtai 2400 since September after the terminal demand will gradually slowed this year for most goods, meal peak has passed, and the current price disadvantage is obvious, it is expected that rapeseed post market will continue to be weak or shock. Source: China feed industry information network; agricultural products futures network reproduced in this article only for the purpose of disseminating more information, does not mean that the author of this paper. If reproduced in the article相关的主题文章: