Anhui high school students are exposed to a group of students to kneel in the school said in the col

Anhui high school students are exposed to collective kneeling in the drawers – Sohu said the school education on the morning of 26, a Suzhou three high (18) class collective knees "message spread in the network, broke the net posts in the multi picture show was supposed to sit on the seat of the students, or squat or kneeling on the floor of the classroom, teachers suspected punishment way students kneel. The discussion on the network information leaks, suspected the classmates in micro-blog comments that the teacher did not ask the class to kneel, "when the night, our class teacher talk, then angry, listen how to say. Let us stand, then come back to see us still talking, the teacher let squatting, never let kneel." In the afternoon, the third Suzhou high school principal’s office to respond to the China Youth Network reporter, said the student was fined kneeling thing is not true. Suzhou three principal office of a teacher told reporters that for this event, the current Suzhou Bridge District Bureau of education and the school has been involved in the investigation, this thing does not exist." For students kneeling and squatting the net transfer photos, the teacher told reporters that this is because the teacher asked the students to organize your desktop and drawer "reasons, our school requires any has nothing to do with learning what students are not allowed on the desk, so the class teacher asked the students to organize a unified desk, has nothing to do with learning the items into a desk drawer. Some students in the squat when finishing desk, feeling very awkward, he knelt on the ground." In addition, the teacher also said, squatting for this situation, it is possible that the class discipline is not good, just take advantage of this opportunity to organize the desktop. But require students to kneel down, after the investigation in the District Education Bureau and schools, confirmed that the event does not exist." At present, the Suzhou bridge area Bureau has been involved in the investigation. The teacher said he did not participate in the investigation, the specific details of the incident will then be announced by the Bureau of education will be confirmed. (source: China Youth Network)相关的主题文章: