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Apple VR by wearing a patent, design and Google similar to Daydream – [Technews] new technology science and technology Sohu, the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) recently through Apple’s a headset patent, design concept and Google Daydream, Samsung Galaxy Gear VR, is the mobile phone headset with similar glasses, then by the mobile phone software rendering VR or AR image. The patent was originally put forward in early 2015, indicating that although Apple has a strong mobile ecology, but in the layout of virtual reality or other competitors behind the market. The document pointed out that Apple may launch VR equipment while relying on iPhone, but the body still has some functions like independent processor, ROM RAM, distance sensor, camera lens, touch panel, and even the Home key, the back button, volume keys and battery. There is also a focal point of the body turntable, used to zoom in the VR mode of vision. Apple VR and Galaxy Gear / VR or Google Daydream, are driven by mobile phone. (Source:USPTO) after the phone is put in, the head of the device will take over it, so that the phone can only support software content and screen projection, but also responsible for the release of music, and the rest are changed through the implementation of VR devices. This device is only applicable to a specific size of the phone, if more than the size of the projected VR image will be broken. Apple also provides a similar remote control products to allow users to interact with the VR content, the design is very similar to Daydream. Although just a patent icon, but the remote control at first glance is similar to the old iPod, or rotary type remote control 3 Apple TV. Interestingly, this document also pointed out that VR seems to be wearing not only support some special VR content, such as video, website or game, but also support the "VR iOS", for example, so that the user can read the iOS built-in App e-mail in VR, similar scenes will suddenly in the air "jump out of a window, and then display on the iPhone notice and etc.. Although the layout was slower opponent a shot, but Apple’s expertise is always fast product or service to the market, so the analyst Guo Ming? Recently also pointed out that Apple will probably be in the 1 to 2 years to launch their own VR services or products, at the same time will start from iPhone, Apple TV and Apple will try Watch are integrated into the VR ecosystem. Apple CEO Tim Cook also mentioned many times that apple is very interested in AR, but also a team in R & D. The day before they had also issued another patent, can make accurate report in the indoor environment through AR相关的主题文章: