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Are you ready to scream? Autumn can not miss the tournament for the inventory of E-sports enthusiasts, this summer is not only the DOTA2 Sixth International Invitational, and LPL League occupation league. If you still feel enough, with the arrival of autumn, a series of exciting events will open up. "The League of heroes" S6 global finals this fall is undoubtedly the biggest highlight of the company by the official party held the "Heroes League" S series finals. Compared to all the other LOL games, S series finals can be said to be the highest level of competition, the highest popularity of the game. 16 of the world’s top teams through the fierce competition in the competition area, the United States will compete for the throne of the world championship. In September 6th, with the North American division last qualifying seats fall to C9 teams, 16 teams in 2016 announced all. LPL: EDG, RNG, IM division, LCK Tiger, SKT, ROX Division: SSG NA LCS: TSM, CLG, C9 division, EU LCS, G2 H2K, Splyce Division: LMS FW, AHQ Division: wild card: INTZ, ANX division S6 finals team photograph: September 11th start of the draw ceremony, S6 the finals will be officially launched in September 30th, a month. Group phase the first round of the September 30th -10 month 3 days in San Francisco Bill Graham municipal auditorium group phase second round of the October 7th -10 month 10 days in San Francisco Bill Graham municipal auditorium 1/4 finals October 14th -10 17 Chicago theater semifinals October 22nd -10 23 Madison Square Garden New York final October 30th Losangeles staples center. "Watch pioneer" World Cup, although formally launched only a few months, "watch pioneer" has more than 20 million players. Taking advantage of the hot game, Blizzard also held the watch vanguard world cup. Different from other games with the club in the form of competition, the contestants are from various countries and regions are ranked by the game player, that is to say, the participating teams are temporary. By these temporary teams on behalf of their own country or region to play the vanguard world cup. But this will result in some countries and regions of the occupation of players will be out of the race, and some other regions will be ready for skilled anchor. The team set up after the beginning of September two through three innings wins, single elimination online qualifiers, will ultimately decide the 16 teams participating in the Blizzcon November. However, in order to ensure that the world’s major countries and regions can be in the blizzard Carnival debut, the 16 teams will pack 6 teams from the Asia Pacific region and the team from the United States in the region of the 4. Hearthstone legend golden Super League fall game as a game of luck and skill to swim.相关的主题文章: