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Home-and-Family Need a roof cleaning .pany to spruce up your house? Before you sign any order, do some basic check on those who offer to deliver you a ‘magic new-like roof’ at a bottom price. Though the money you save may look very tempting, it’s the quality of work done by your roof cleaning .pany that you will live for the next 20-30 years… Scams are rife in the roof cleaning industry. Many businesses start the process of cleaning, of course after taking a deposit, never to finish the job. What you’re left with is a botched job that no other roof cleaning .pany wants to touch. But, following some simple checks would have saved you from the disaster. Before you engage anybody to climb on your roof, you must make sure that your legal obligations, just in case of an accident, are taken care of. Yes, your roof cleaning .pany must carry workman’s .pensation cover, is fully insured and bonded. This will protect you from being sued in case anything wrong happens when your roof is cleaned or repaired. For the sake of your health and the environment you need to be aware of the type of chemicals your roof cleaning .pany is going to use. Sure, some may do a fantastic job at removing mold and mildew, but you don’t want any toxic run-off entering your drains, or your lawns or gardens. There are plenty of environmentally safe and biodegradable chemicals available now that are approved by OSHA. Asking a roof cleaning .pany for details of their worker’s training is also not unreasonable. I know that I would want to know if they have been properly trained in not only job safety, but also are well versed in OSHA and EPA guidelines. There are also organizations that they could belong to which will indicate that they are serious about their trade and their customers. It is also reasonable to ask for data sheets on the chemicals that they use. One unfortunate reality that not every roof cleaning .pany will tell you, is that the most effective cleaning .es from the use of very toxic substances. It is your responsibility to try to minimize the impact of these chemicals on the surroundings. Naturally, you and all other inhabitants should stay clear while your roof cleaning .pany is doing the job. Is your roof covered by fiberglass material? If yes, you need to get your roof cleaning .pany do the job almost on a yearly basis. Why? Because algae and fungi thrive on it. Yes, this particular roofing material is cheap and versatile. But, its lack of resistance to the natural elements, makes the maintenance costs that more expensive. How do you know when it’s the time to get a roof cleaning .pany foe the job? You’ll notice how your shingles progresively discolor, and be.e to look unsightly. The issue of algae growth turning your roof dark and ugly, has one more aspect to it. The summer sun just loves dark surfaces. It’ll heat up your roof up to 35 degF higher than for lighter surfaces. What does it mean? Either you get your roof cleaning .pany often enough, to stop the problem, or be ready to live in a hot house. Never allow your roof to be.e a talking point of your neighbors. Get your roof cleaning .pany sooner rather than later, when evrybody notices that the issues of esthetics and routine maintenancee are not on your mind. Allowing your roof to slide into a state of disrepair will affect its resale value immensely. Never ignore it! Finally, you must realize that the roof above your head protects you not only from the rain and bad weather. It helps you to maintain the value of one of your biggest life investments – your home. Keep the roof clean, and you’ll be rewarded. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: