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Most of Japan’s Miyagi Prefecture nuclear waste incineration to standard radiation

Miyagi Prefecture of Japan most nuclear radiation waste incineration standards to Beijing in October 24, according to Japanese media reports, previously, some radioactive material contained in the Tokyo electric power company at the Fukushima nuclear power plant accident in the nuclear waste while the amount of radiation exceed the standard, because of fear it brings negative effect has not been specified for waste. To this end, the Japanese Ministry of the environment from April to September in Miyagi Prefecture on the unspecified waste were determined after the discovery, of which about 2000 tons of such waste no longer exceed the standard, accounting for about 77% of the total. Straw and compost waste containing radioactive substances released by the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant accident, although some reference value more than the Japanese government under the 8000 Becquerel per kilogram, but worried about the negative impact of rumors did not apply for designated waste. Reported that, in Miyagi Prefecture in Japan, this class is not specified waste amounted to 2500 tons, at present in about 100 places in 14 by the local government or local government kept by farmers. The first nuclear power plant in Fukushima accident has been in the past 5 years, has been to consider the concentration of waste containing radioactive substances decreased, Miyagi Prefecture Government intends to town village meeting city meeting next month, proposed treatment methods on has been reduced to below the reference value of waste. On the other hand, the pollution of the waste treatment method is lower than the national standard of Tokyo electric power company at the Fukushima nuclear power plant accident in the radioactive waste in Miyagi Prefecture, decided to convene the municipal long meeting in early next month, requires municipalities with the garbage incineration facilities at the same time in the county. In the proposed approach in Miyagi Prefecture, due to the specified waste exceeds the national standard of 8000 Becquerel need to lift the handle specified procedures, the procedures need to spend some time, so we will not exceed the standard of forage processing waste. The specific method is that the existing waste treatment facilities around the county at the same time incineration treatment. In order to prevent the concentration of excessive, will be mixed with ordinary garbage incineration. In addition, it is necessary to explore the wide area treatment method which is managed by other local governments in view of the fact that it may not be able to burn all of its own facilities. Miyagi plan to begin early next year in all experimental incineration facilities at the same time, with about half the time to collect incineration ash after concentration data, such as safety can be confirmed, and from the middle of next year officially started burning.相关的主题文章:

The Hilary team to promote the election election results shall be respected Trump – Internati k-boxing

The Hilary team to promote the election election results shall be respected:   Trump – International – Democratic presidential candidate Hilary camp said 26 days, although the process of Trump to win the white house so far not found any violations of fraud, but will be involved in key battleground state Wisconsin ticket operations. In this regard, Trump accused the recount is a "hoax", insisted that he won the presidential election results should be respected, rather than suffer "challenges and bullying". According to reports, Hilary’s election lawyer, said Hilary, the campaign will also participate in key battleground states in Michigan and Pennsylvania, the ticket operations. Wisconsin election committee 25 to accept the request of the Green Party presidential candidate Stan, will be re examined the state’s presidential election ballot. The Electoral Commission said that after the camp had paid the fees, the Wisconsin trial process was expected to start next weekend, including nearly 3 million votes in the manual review list. According to the Commission, the Wisconsin ticket must be completed before the December 13th federal deadline, the electoral vote to complete the legal procedures in the December 19th election, the president-elect confirmed. Stan has previously announced, intends to seek a recount in Michigan and pennsylvania. She said she wanted to verify the integrity of the voting system in the United States, not to overthrow Trump’s victory. Reported that Stan must be challenged at the election in November 28th, to recount. In Michigan, November 30th is the deadline. On behalf of the Republican Party candidate for the White House Trump in Michigan, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin in 3 states, only to add up to more than 10.7 votes ahead. Hilary in Wisconsin, with 27 thousand and 200 votes to 70 thousand votes in Pennsylvania, with gap in the state of Michigan lost more than 10 thousand votes. Hilary’s legal adviser, Elias, said: "we do not intend to resort to this option because we do not find any evidence that the outside world is attempting to take action against the technology of voting." He said, now the state of Wisconsin has started a recount procedures, and intend to participate in, to ensure the ticket checking process for all justice. Although experts said that the recount had almost no opportunity to comeback, but the ticket can be renewed in Trump’s election legitimacy argument, Hilary’s lead in the popular vote, already contributing to this kind of argument. Hilary is currently leading more than 2 million votes in universal suffrage. California university law professor Hasen pointed out that Hilary and Pennsylvania must at the same time with 10 electoral votes in Wisconsin, 16 electoral votes in the state of Michigan and the 20 electoral votes to win the presidential election comeback. But Hasen said he did not think there is such a possibility. Recount Trump accused the Wisconsin started is a "hoax", insisted that he won the presidential election results should be respected, rather than suffer "challenges and bullying". Trump said, was not worth mentioning the votes for Green Party candidate Stan recount, defied "defeated candidate has conceded defeat" the election results. Trump issued a statement insisting that "the people have shown"相关的主题文章:

2016 annual performance models for the sake of your heart

2016 annual performance models for the sake of your mind in September 16th to 18,, China’s mass production car performance contest (CCPC) Karamay station successfully concluded. The scene in the game, the atmosphere is very warm, many domestic mainstream car companies are gathered here, 37 brands of hundreds of passenger cars in Western Gobi in the Pentium athletics, the entire automotive industry into almost all up, spectacular scenes, known as the "Olympic Games China car". Under these circumstances, many participating enterprises and the media reporters have said: This is the most special they participated in, a deep impression is for car racing! Karamay station perfect ending with the end of the Karamay station, CCPC contest · Dafeng Railway Station has entered the game of intense preparatory stage. Jiangsu Yancheng Dafeng "high performance" is located in the center of Yancheng stadium, vehicle test field, is one of the first competition venue reservation. It has the first-class automotive technical regulations, product development, road safety and technical training. And close to the Dafeng sea, belongs to the humid environment, with distinct regional characteristics. I believe in the international first-class car test field, more professional competition, will be more comprehensive display of the most realistic and limiting performance of the vehicle. In the center of Yancheng automobile testing CCPC contest · Dafeng Railway Station game will be in October 28th to 29. However, few people know that there is a secret project is also accompanied by the contest, everything in good order and well arranged forward, this is the "2016 annual awards ceremony to China models"! Based on the vehicle performance data to solve the domestic automotive awards pain points award that everyone has heard a lot, so really for consumers to buy a car with reference to the award will be like? So, this is the "2016 annual performance models Chinese awards ceremony awards organizing committee planning activities of the mind. At present, China’s auto industry has all kinds of awards, is generally the result of subjective evaluation as the lead, the scientific nature and rationality of the award can not be widely recognized by the parties in the industry. So after in-depth analysis, including a number of awards, found that really is the lack of a vehicle performance data as the main basis for the selection of automotive awards, can not give consumers the right car and car guidance. This is the pain points of many domestic car awards! This time, the "2016 annual performance models Chinese awards ceremony" held — Chinese automotive technology and Research Center, not only is approved by the State Scientific Research Institute, more comprehensive technical services have extensive influence in the automotive industry at home and abroad, have system C-NCAP and other public vehicles rating, the self-evident in the car industry authority. At the same time, the 2015 launch of China’s mass production car performance contest (CCPC) also caused a huge reaction in the industry, the competition test vehicle performance data has a strong influence. Therefore, the center of the integration of multiple resources, launched the "2016 Chinese annual performance car awards ceremony", can be said to be a matter of course. Based on the performance data of a large vehicle!相关的主题文章:

People’s Daily some government departments are a waste of money to job outsourcing Sohu news

People’s Daily: some government departments are a waste of money to job outsourcing Sohu news in June this year, the Beijing Municipal Civil Affairs Bureau purchased by way of government services, the city’s 10 thousand needs of the elderly with free anti lost bracelet, provide real-time positioning, emergency call, motion trajectory, left regional security alerts and other functions, the protection of the elderly travel safety. All above the age of 60, suffering from memory impairment, cognitive impairment or Alzheimer’s disease in Beijing local household registration or resident outside the elderly, can apply through the official website, community, designated agencies etc.. Government procurement of public services, to improve the efficiency of the use of funds to meet the diversified needs, improve service quality, is an innovative move. Unfortunately, some places have partial understanding, that something is "off" hand no responsibility, even holding service outsourcing will Everything will be fine. mentality, neither the supervision by unit, do not attach importance to the masses feedback. In the Shushan District of Anhui city of Hefei Province, District Federation of disabled children rehabilitation training, disabled cataract rehabilitation and other 4 kinds of project purchase services, however, some parents of children with disabilities has rankled: "children with autism rehabilitation training, but the classroom wall did not make the" soft "treatment, if the child to touch the wall how to do?" "Large class of children, individual training time often shrink, can not guarantee" and "professional power window looked okay, but how much time has passed, the actual recovery effect is not obvious"…… "In any case, there is a professional body in the management can be a little breath; some of the purchase of services is the city’s unified requirements, regulatory nature of the ‘big’ top." Shushan District FIMITIC director Dong Shaohua introduced, before the government purchase of services, awareness is not in place, management is relatively loose, nor the formation of effective supervision mechanism. Faced with complaints from the masses, Canlian of the expert group, and hire a professional social organization, the annual evaluation score for the rehabilitation of children with disabilities and other projects. The director of Hefei City CDPF rehabilitation department Li Ming introduction: "evaluation is not only the supervision of professional services, for the government to have the performance of their duties, whether the use of strict supervision and control of funds, can play a supervisory role." "On the one hand, the daily supervision of normalization, on the one hand, will be based on the evaluation results of the CDPF professional assessment, not up to the requirements of the service, ordered rectification." Dong Shaohua believes that a clear responsibility, but also the regulatory force, in order to make the purchase of services more effective, institutional services more professional. In the process of government procurement of services, it is difficult to figure out what the "put", the "tube" what. Some sectors of the job through the purchase of public service will be outsourced, essentially lazy political thinking in trouble, not only a waste of financial resources, but also provides a breeding ground for unwholesome tendencies. In the southwest of city public toilets, mostly commissioned by the company to the sanitation operation of the main operation, government subsidies, free and open to the public use way. Because just to open free of charge, sanitation companies, urban management department, sanitation bureau and other departments will be on-site inspection from time to time, in addition to check whether there is no clean health, small ads, more check toilets are secretly charge. "There is no more time on a cigarette"相关的主题文章:

Liu Xiang’s ex-wife is now tearing each other inside the divorce explosion splitit

Liu Xiang’s ex-wife incumbent mutual divorce insider to explode lead: air Liu Xiang’s love life has been of concern, and his ex-wife GeTian and incumbent Wu Sha. It is still outstanding. Recently, the two open open caused onlookers. Liu Xiang and Wu’s ex-wife current enmity recently, Liu Xiang and Wu Sha’s ex-wife GeTian current hand drama released ", two people on both sides of the personal homepage space of dialogue, suspected the truth of Liu Xiang’s divorce opened numerous layers. The first is the netizen innuendo in the message: "Wu Shacheng lost to the bus, the bus is normal, love, and you are not a road, leaving a clean!" Then, Ge day reply: it seems that the insider!" Open hand drama. Then, by the "seats" into the bus Wu Sha sit still, she sent a quantity of information explosion of micro-blog, said Wu Shakespeare "I did the whole volume, no smoke, no fat being nurturing, nurturing is not extraordinary, not deliberately plan Pianhun, did not try to get money, even if I which day marriage, nor to my ex husband said ‘you told me I turn back to you double’ this shit! Above all, I will not do in the past, the future will not, who do who understand." GeTian subsequently issued a document: "made an oath I reiterated Pianhun pseudopregnancy" reiterated many times, no! Absolutely not! Who did not even have this idea, who can not die! Similarly, who made this rumor is not good to die!" And said he would be really brave to live, I hope life is beautiful. As the prime time television drama although GeTian has repeatedly claimed that "two wide, at their joy, but since after the divorce with Liu Xiang, she kept on Wu Shafang lengjian. All users or forwarding the message said "" pseudopregnancy "rumors pseudopregnant people have retribution!" Or directly, domineering reply netizen said "I didn’t do what, do what you ask the two players". Liu Xiang and Wu Sha often because of enenyuanyuan pushed myself to the in the teeth of the storm. In September 2014, Ge day and Liu Xiang licensing of marriage. In June 2015, Liu Xiang announced the end of the marriage due to personality differences and Ge days. This short period of less than a year of marriage caused hot friends. In January 2016, Liu Xiang and the former women’s pole vaulter Wu Sha publicly acknowledged the affair. Since then, the three emotional entanglements. GeTian and Liu Xiang divorce had issued "can take away the love is not love, a mistress suspected alluding to participate. It is said Ge day pseudopregnant forced, GeTian denied, but Liu Xiang has not been sound. Shortly thereafter, Liu Xiang and his former girlfriend Wu Sha, and in the reality show that suspected married rumors. And all the stars to explore the so-called Liu Xiang father’s chat record, said the confusion of personal life in the Wu Sha. Wu Shafa lawyer letter, Liu Xiang also the first time voice, something rushed me". GeTian in personal homepage with netizens slobber battle intensified, now the plot upgrade, two people directly across the empty tear. Lily network vice president Mu Yan shouts behind GeTian, said GeTian rich family without more money, alluding to the relationship between men and women "Oh Liu Xiang". Came to the crowd of friends just to see a bustling, but presumably the parties is The mind is very confused. Is this the past things, really can not live? The most important thing to break up is to say goodbye to the past.相关的主题文章: