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Currently, curry, harden, Westbrook, who will defeat all star starter – Sports

Currently, curry, harden, Westbrook, who will defeat all star starter – Sohu NBA sports games is like a raging fire, a lot of players play are called guards, Westbrook, James, James has averaged three double opportunities, such as the fierce competition between players, also make this year’s all star starter the lineup is full of suspense, today we have to discuss the starting backcourt quota dispute! East and West all star back are only two places in the west, and now has a number of players have excellent performance, we choose one of the most representative of the three player Westbrook, harden and curry to say! [Westbrook] Durant left the offseason, let the thunder team completely become a single core team with Westbrook as the core. Before the start of the season, many experts and fans of the season Westbrook will taifashenwei, even may play Epic Games are three double performance. The first nine games at the beginning of the season, terrorist data Westbrook averaging 30.9 points and 8.9 rebounds and 9.4 assists, leading the team with 6 wins and 3 negative results, led the team to keep firmly in the West four. The fate of physical quality, super breakthrough and the ability to dunk, let him have a lot of fans. Last season, although less into the all star game appearances, but he did the West all star starter, the lowest number of votes, so this season whether all star starting there is still some doubt! [James] last season, harden is the most frustrated year last season, he featured in all 82 field, comprehensive data averaged 29 points, 6.1 rebounds and 7.5 assists, but could not selected the best lineup, failed to win the all star game contest! The new season, the Rockets ushered in the new coach, the team also for the new game, harden in the first nine games, averaging 30 points and 8.1 rebounds and 13 assists, averaging 13 assists is currently leading assists, so gorgeous data, if not the first all star lineup still, some regret. [] before the two season curry curry, is the appearance of Alliance players, for two consecutive years, the popularity of the NBA king, in the 2015 all star game ticket ticket number 2016 Wang, after retiring Kobe, the team ushered in the start of this year as the top three of the league’s Adu, the topic of the league, then record three points to break 13 the historical record, in the all star game should be no suspense! Curry, Harden, Westbrook, who will start? Let’s wait and see!相关的主题文章:

Another beauty does not do long legs and big vase to pick up the Sawa class (video)-widcomm

Another beauty does not do long legs and big vase to pick up the Sawa class [Abstract] we focus not on Serena and Gobel in the end who is powerful, but because in the yen value more rare than women age skills, ignoring Prince Kurkovva such long legs and big beauty would be. U.S. Gobel 2-1 victory Puwa won second Grand Slam Price Kurkovva (data plan) after the end of the US women’s tennis, produced a new sister Gobel, but if it is not the number one popular Serena is Czech beauty Price Kurkovva La down in the semi-final and final result is really not good to say. Our focus is certainly not on Serena and Gobel in the end who is powerful, but because in the yen value more rare than women age skills, Price Kurkovva ignored such long legs and big beauty would be. Carolina · Price Kurkovva, was born in 1992, height 1 meters 86, weight of 72 kilograms, the latest world ranking of eleventh. Puwa who always has a unique elegant temperament, if you think she can do something else besides playing tennis what it is to be a model. The tennis world has the qualification to be a model and a lot of beauty, but the ball skills, color value, and ultimately become a superstar is not much, but the former Graf, Hingis, Sharapova later, is really difficult to find a model more be endowed with both beauty and talent. Sawa is the leader, she at a young age he established a clear road, not on the course vase like Kournikova before. Although the height of 1 meters 88, Sharapova has, but did not relax on their own performance requirements, she later became the women’s tennis most attracts the gold’s rich, and also held five Grand Slam singles champion inseparable. Even if there is no result, beauty, can only bloom temporarily, it is difficult to long unbeaten, this attractive female players clearly understand. When you see us on the Puwa, like a replica of Sawa. Two even the characteristics are very similar, the bottom line forehand offense as aggressive, often have the fight to throw the helve after the hatchet, using his height a serving type heavy artillery. Puwa ACE ball is she famous number one weapon million, in the season WTA game, she is the number of ACE leader. Even the weakness, Puwa like Sharapova, this is normal, two people are not moving fast, this is a common problem of tall female players. Puwa had a nickname "walking baby", is on the pitch slow and her fans jokingly take. But this year’s us open, Puwa reborn, have defeated Serena in Grand Slam history, this can be done only in Hingis, Haining and Kim Clijsters three people. So it is very promising to complete the transformation of the Puwa women’s tennis will become the next leader. Yes, Puwa had a twin sister Christina, she is definitely on the tennis court, most difficult to distinguish the sisters. They only can let the audience distinguish feature is probably the only tattoo position and right hand grip points. However, from the singles results, the sisters have hundreds of meters away the gap. Carolina has been a big star in his hometown of Prague, and his sister’s popularity can only rely on her sister, which is more than just India相关的主题文章:

IPhone 6se box naming exposure in the end do not fly Sohu

IPhone 6SE box naming exposure in the end do not fly? Sohu digital [mobile china news] before someone broke the news that this year’s new iPhone will be named iPhone 6SE, rather than iPhone 7. The news appeared, sparked a discussion on the Internet, many people broke the news have a negative attitude, that is, do not believe that the name of the iPhone 6SE. IPhone 6SE box but now users @KK low-key in micro-blog share a set of packing box above spy, eye-catching "iPhone 6SE", seems to confirm earlier rumors. But from another point of view, it may be just a smoke bomb, after all, Apple’s new iPhone broke too much, it is difficult to distinguish between true and false. Fortunately, no matter what the new iPhone will be called, its appearance and configuration should not change. IPhone 6SE packaging box before the news, this year Apple’s new iPhone will be equipped with A10 processor, divided into 4.7 inches and 5.5 inches in two versions, of which the 5.5 inches version equipped with dual lens. In addition, the new iPhone will cancel the 3.5mm headphone hole in the bottom of the fuselage to increase a row of speakers, may support fast charging and enhanced waterproof function. In other words, Apple’s market share in the country gradually declined, many domestic users have lost confidence in it. This year’s new iPhone has not changed much, the future of Apple’s mobile phone shipments worrying.相关的主题文章:

Bao Wu merger program officially released leading the wave of industry restructuring-jessica rabbit

Bao Wu combined program officially released: lead the industry restructuring hot column capital flows thousands of thousands of stocks the latest Rating Rating diagnosis simulated trading client Sina App: Live on-line blogger to tutor the purchase of new shares: the stock market is the most simple way to pick up the money in twenty-first Century economic report Xia Xutian Beijing reported Baosteel (600019, SH), Wuhan shares (600005, SH) officially released the restructuring plan. Twenty-first Century Economic Herald reporter learned exclusively, September 22nd, Baosteel, Wuhan Steel shares two companies also released a "merger report" (hereinafter referred to as the "report"), Baosteel, Wuhan Iron and Steel shares to all shareholders of the convertible shares issued A shares, convertible merger of WISCO shares. Baosteel is the merger of the merger and the survival of the party, Wuhan Iron and Steel shares for the merger of the merged party and the remaining party. After the merger of the listed company will become the world’s steel companies in crude steel output ranked third in the "Big Mac" insiders said, in the current round of supply side structural reforms to the production capacity, improve the industry concentration for the purpose of a new round of iron and steel industry mergers and acquisitions tide, with a central enterprises Baosteel, WISCO will play demonstration of a milepost event, China’s iron and steel industry development history. At the same time, this reorganization will optimize the allocation of resources of the two steel listed companies, to play a synergistic effect, accelerate the cultivation of world-class steel listed companies to enhance the international competitiveness of China’s iron and steel industry. The world’s top three "Big Mac" was born according to the "report", Baosteel and Wuhan Iron and Steel shares of listed companies to price convertible convertible merger consideration of this item announcement board resolution 20 trading days before the stock trading price for the market reference price, and not less than 90% of the market reference price as the pricing principle, the convertible the price determined as 4.60 yuan shares of Baosteel, Wuhan Steel shares 2.58 yuan shares. The exchange price of Baosteel and Wuhan Steel shares to determine the exchange ratio of 1:0.56, that is for every 1 shares of WISCO shares of stock for 0.56 shares of Baosteel shares. At the same time, Baosteel will merger Wuhan Steel shares, Wuhan Steel shares all the assets, liabilities, existing business, personnel qualification, contract, and all other rights and obligations by Wuhan Iron and Steel Co. to undertake and succession, self closing date, Wuhan 100% stake limited by Baosteel control. Baosteel is the most modern China of large iron and steel enterprises, is a core member of the world’s top 500 Baosteel Group, is a leading international world-class steel joint enterprise, specializing in the production of high technology content, high value-added steel products; iron and steel production process in WISCO has the world advanced level of ironmaking, steelmaking and rolling etc. complete, steel products, a total of 7 categories, more than and 500 varieties. Once the deal, after the merger of listed companies will increase in strength, either from the revenue or yield, the national steel industry will become the undisputed giant. At the level of listed companies, the listed companies will be merged in the global iron and steel enterprises in the production of crude steel ranked third, at the group level, the output will exceed the size of the theory相关的主题文章:

The three paradoxes of love, fools do not think – Sohu-k-boxing

Love in the three paradoxes, fools who do not want to think – Sohu love there are many paradoxes, does not conform to the logic of existence. One example: said of a couple said of a couple. Everyone praised, but few people will ask: what is said of a couple?! Two people fell in love and married a divorce is no longer said of a couple? What if one of them died earlier than the other? If two people divorced, after their marriage, and the new partner to grow old together? This is not said of a couple? If, before the two men have talked many love, looking for a lot of people, but did not get married, get married at the age of forty or fifty, this is not said of a couple? Or two people did not divorce, but the marriage in the play of all, do not interfere with each other, until the old count, said of a couple? Then, nobody will ask: why would you pursue said of a couple? Is everyone do, so you have to do, or do you really want from the people inside and around you tired of each other with said of a couple? If you can’t do that, how does it affect your life? Love, really is controllable, said of a couple of palm? If you can not answer, so when you talk about what you said of a couple, talking about what? Two really love you, for example: a lot of women fall in love, will ask around, he really loves me? For this problem, in fact, can be understood, because people fall in love, will be the impact of such a strong emotion, resulting in "why he will love me, love me what" doubt. But it’s not very wise. Because, first of all, love is a very personal and personal experience, different people have a great difference in the ability of love, the way of expression, the degree of cognition and the basis of judgment. For some people, every day to prepare breakfast is warm heart, and the same thing is also considered to be "mother gun" affectation, get less than warm point. Second, logic is problematic. Because of love, in fact, there is a sense of value. You ask him to love you, love is better than to verify the confirmation question, he found itself, appreciate and love your point, continue to strengthen, make yourself more valuable, more attractive, with greater autonomy in the marriage market. Then ask: he’s not enough to love me. Because no one can only love you, and met a lot of people, but I love you, it is very different. You feel the next. Three. Change for love: for example, you love me! In particular, the girl, in particular, like to make such unreasonable demands that love has extraordinary magic. Can let the frog prince, stupid cow devil Monkey Monkey King becomes. But girl, don’t be silly, you are committed to changing the lover, you’d better ask yourself: you are in love, or the frog prince, he is still a stupid cow, or is it a monkey? If you really become a frog prince, demon monkey, ox became Joker, joker, Prince, he also loves you? You only love you, if you love, love the prince of cattle L相关的主题文章: