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CATIC real estate will become the subject of the integration of Poly Group continued suspension hot column capital flows thousands of thousands of stocks the latest Rating Rating diagnosis simulated trading client Sina App: Live on-line blogger to guide your entries you make you take you can always keep matters in integration of aviation industry falls group’s real estate development business there are new progress. Poly Real estate yesterday evening announcement, the two sides have reached a preliminary consensus on the scope of the transaction assets, integration methods and pricing principles, and signed the real estate business integration framework agreement. AVIC real estate announcement at the same time, the aforementioned real estate business integration covering the company’s real estate development business. The Group acquired include, AVIC directly or through the entire equity under the real estate development business platform company and item company held by the company and AVIC Holdings Tianjin ruisai Investment Development Company Limited (hereinafter referred to as "Tianjin ruisai") 100% equity, except for the part need to be approved by the SASAC, the free transfer of assets, other in principle, assets assessment by the cash payment of the price. In July 13th this evening, Poly Real estate has announced that the potential transaction matters are more complex, preliminary estimates involving about 70 real estate projects. However, due to the transaction amount of the company does not exceed 15% of the net assets of the company, can not meet the major issues required to submit the shareholders’ meeting standards, so resume trading since July 14th. However, the reorganization for AVIC’s AVIC real estate has constituted a major asset reorganization, therefore, AVIC real estate continues to be suspended. AVIC Real Estate focuses on commercial real estate, and the city complex with "CATIC city" as the core brand is the main body of product line. In the first half of this year, AVIC real estate revenue of 2 billion 715 million yuan, an increase of 68.30%; net profit of 3 million 360 thousand yuan, year-on-year losses; signed sales of 3 billion 35 million yuan, sales area of 293 thousand and 100 square meters, an increase of 98% and 42%. In addition, in September 7th, AVIC China’s two Hong Kong stock companies, China aviation industry international and AVIC International Holdings announced that the company intends to sell the domestic real estate development business assets, the scope of the scale waiting to be fixed, the next day to resume trading. So far, the group has been part of the acquisition of the subject is clearly visible, that the domestic real estate business aviation estate, Tianjin ruisai, China international aviation industry and AVIC international holdings. This year, the integration of central enterprises constantly, including the integration between Chinese and China ocean shipping, and Sinotrans, China Merchants Chinese Chinese Chinese Minmetals and MCC, COFCO and CTS and CITS, China textile, building materials and Chinese in material. (Yu Dejiang) go into [Sina Financial shares] discussion

中航地产将成保利集团整合标的 仍继续停牌 热点栏目 资金流向 千股千评 个股诊断 最新评级 模拟交易 客户端 新浪财经App:直播上线 博主一对一指导 你参赛你赚你拿 总能让你过把瘾   保利集团整合中航工业旗下房地产开发业务的事项又有新的进展。保利地产昨日晚间公告,双方已就交易资产范围、整合方式及作价原则等达成初步一致意见,并签署了房地产业务整合框架协议书。中航地产同时公告,前述房地产业务整合范围涵盖了公司的房地产开发业务。   保利集团收购的范围包括,中航工业直接或通过下属公司持有的房地产开发业务平台公司和项目公司的全部股权以及中航工业持有的天津瑞赛投资发展有限公司(下称“天津瑞赛”)100%股权,除部分需经国务院国资委审批的无偿划转的资产外,其他资产原则上将经过评估以现金交易方式支付对价。   今年7月13日晚间,保利地产曾公告,本次潜在交易事项情况比较复杂,初步估算涉及房地产项目约70个左右。但由于交易金额不超过公司净资产的15%,达不到须提交公司股东大会审议的重大事项标准,因此7月14日起复牌。   不过,本次重组对于中航工业旗下的中航地产已构成重大资产重组,因此,中航地产仍继续停牌。   中航地产专注于商业地产,以“中航城”为核心品牌的城市综合体是产品线主体。今年上半年,中航地产营收27.15亿元,同比增长68.30%;净利润336万元,同比扭亏;签约销售额30.35亿元,销售面积29.31万平米,同比增长98%与42%。   此外,在9月7日,中航工业旗下两家港股公司中国航空工业国际和中航国际控股发布公告称,拟出售公司从事国内地产开发业务资产,范围规模等待定,次日恢复买卖。   至此,保利集团的并购标的已有部分清晰可见,即中航地产、天津瑞赛、中国航空工业国际及中航国际控股旗下国内地产业务。   今年以来,央企整合不断,包括中国远洋和中国海运、招商局和中国外运长航、中国五矿和中国中冶、中粮和中纺、港中旅和国旅、中国建材和中国中材之间的整合重组。(于德江) 进入【新浪财经股吧】讨论相关的主题文章: