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Baidu anti shock! Vice President Li Mingyuan to resign because of economic problems – Sohu news   the evening of November 4th, tiger sniffing exclusive access to news, Baidu today released the full occupation ethics committee within the letter informed the Baidu vice president Li Mingyuan in a bid to obtain huge economic benefits in. The plot is very serious, Baidu said, Li Mingyuan has the initiative to admit, and take the initiative to resign to the company. This was the most valued, Baidu Robin Li was the youngest vice president in the fall, the following is Baidu internal letter. Dear classmates: Baidu company received for vice president Li Mingyuan’s report, we verified: Li Mingyuan in a company involved in the acquisition of the project, and is responsible for the acquired company have huge private economic exchanges; in the management of the business, there are huge private economic exchanges in cooperation with a responsible person game partner. At the same time, Li Mingyuan’s personal investment in shares of external companies and Baidu has a business relationship, not prepared by the company system. Li Mingyuan above acts in violation of the Baidu to avoid conflicts of interest system and other professional ethics rules and regulations. In this regard, Ming far has the initiative to admit, and take the initiative to resign to the company, the company decided to be approved, with immediate effect. Ming is an old Baidu, for many years the company has made important contributions to the development and growth. We would like to thank Ming Ming and every Baidu for their contribution to the company. But there is no rule does not Cheng Fangyuan, for all violations of the company’s behavior, the company will be in strict accordance with the rules and regulations.相关的主题文章: