Bajaj Pulsar 350 Ns – A Stylish .muter-segotep

Motorcycles Looks are most important when one goes to purchase a bike. We definitely turn out heads when we see a stylish sports bike on the road. Next .es with fuel efficiency of the bike, which most .muters prefer having the one that gives more. The price tag is considered a lot when it .es to the mid-range bikes; however, if they want to buy a sports bike, price is no problem. The Bajaj Pulsar 350 NS is one such bike that has everything mentioned above. You just need to take it home. The bike will never disappoint you. The appearance is great and is very much impressive. The headlight is the attractive feature at the front, and the petrol tank is given full marks for its aggressive looks. The LED lamps never let you down either; they are just shaped perfectly and ended to give that elegant look to the bike. The split seats add that sporty look to the bike, which most youngsters want. A true sports bike with 350 CC now isnt this you really wanted? The Pulsar 350 NS is available in four variants and four different capacity engines, which is why they also differ in mileage. The flagship model .es with 150 cc and has 4 stroke with air cooled engine and 4 valve single cylinder. It has been integrated with the patented STS I technology which is made to provide faster and better .bustion and fuel efficiency. The mileage will be 56.5 kmpl on the city roads and on highways it will offer 65kmpl. The other variants .e in 150 cc, 200 cc, and 220 cc. they all have different specification and mileage. The Baja Pulsar price falls in the higher bracket, but is definitely worth it. The Bajaj 350 NS is a very .fortable bike that is easy to handle and control during emergencies. The machine .es inbuilt with highly advanced suspension system that does not produce any jerks even on rough roads and takes control of the bike easily. The front disk brake is large and the rare disk brake provides safety. This is the reason why the bike is one of the safest sport bikes available from the house of Bajaj. The other features are the digital fuel gauge, digital trip meter, low fuel indictor, low battery indicator, tacho meter, tubeless tire, .fortable step up, self start, low oil indicator, speedometer, wide seats for .fort etc. For a tension free riding you get the console speedometer that .es in a digital LCD. The most attractive thing about the Pulsar 350 NS is the tri-spark technology used for the first time in the bike that provides fuel economy, superb braking and consistent speed. The Bajaj Pulsar 350 NS price is Rs. 1, 80, 000 approximately. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: