Baoqiang Wang was a friend of shell companies on nearly 10 million to help forward – Beijing

Baoqiang Wang was a friend of shell companies on nearly 10 million to help forward – Beijing, Beijing, August 31, according to Taiwan’s "China times" the news this month, Baoqiang Wang issued a statement of divorce, more surprisingly broke his ex-wife Ma Rong derailed agent Song Zhe, but he hasn’t finished the housework, now it came to help out buddy to pay arrears million unpaid crew for justice, let people see him heavy shigeyoshi. Directed by Jeffrey Lau, Wu Lei, Fengyi Zhang, Michelle Yeoh starred in the film the myth has recently came out salary arrears, the crew have alleged the movie already broke the news, in May 29th this year. But in May the wage arrears of 3 months so far have not got, and many times during the contact shadow investment has failed to recover, the current crew together with the director. Several departments did not get wages, so the crew decided collective complaints of investment. It is reported that the crew has to "Jiashi youth Television Productions Ltd" responsible person Xiao Lou Lou issued a report on as soon as possible to pay the remaining costs of the lawyer’s letter, letter clearly pointed out that contains Jiashi years including a total of 4 companies at the time of filming, a total of 9 million 180 thousand yuan owed is not yet settled, but the source said, in give the lawyer letter, Xiao Lou Lou was actually put on the bill signed by the vice president has been suspended, the current crew in Xiangshan filed a lawsuit. In fact, Jiashi time was found is a shell company, used to have many bad record, years ago had owed millions of homeowners to rent, or the last court back rent, and now Jiashi years even the store supplies warehouse has been 4 months without paying the rent, and the wages event also in the industry caused concern, many people in the industry have been reproduced, which Baoqiang Wang also suspected shot to help justice, forwarding the message in my circle of friends, at the end of the paper, called on friends forwarding, touching his righteous.相关的主题文章: