Be threatened by growing crises! The market worried about Lehman’s second Deutsche

Be threatened by growing crises! The market worried about Deutsche Bank as "Lehman second" U.S. stock market center: exclusive national industry sector stocks, premarket after hours, ETF, real-time quotes warrants Germany’s biggest bank deutsche bank (Deutsche Bank) 28, announced the sale of its insurance business in the UK, to help the United States to deal with the justice department and other regulatory agencies may open up the $14 billion ticket. The news that the German government may rescue Deutsche news comeback. The German "times" Weekly reported 28, once unable to raise enough money to the bank, the German government will come to the rescue. Reported that the German government and the financial sector is trying to sell its assets to Deutsche Bank to ease the financial pressure, "in the case of an emergency" the German government may choose direct holdings 25%. But the German government still hopes to "self-reliance", Deutsche Bank is also just to discuss the possible situations in government needs. The face of rumors, the German Finance Ministry issued a statement 28, said media reports untrue. The statement said that the German government did not prepare any assistance program, there is no reason to make any speculation on similar plans. Deutsche Bank spokesman also refuted rumors 28. Deutsche Bank CEO John · Crain told the media that he has never asked the prime minister to provide support, never make a similar hint. May help boost news 28 rebound in shares of Deutsche bank. The media reported that over the weekend, the German Prime Minister Merkel refused to bail out of the market for the Deutsche Bank, Deutsche Bank financial worries rose rapidly, Deutsche Bank shares 27 day fell to the lowest level since 1992. Compared to before the financial crisis, the bank shares have dropped by about 90%, this year has fallen by nearly 50%. The bank’s current market capitalization of about 18 billion euros. In July this year, Deutsche Bank reported second quarter 2016 Deutsche Bank operating income of 7 billion 400 million euros, down 20% year-on-year; a net profit of 20 million euros, up sharply 98%. 15 this month, Deutsche Bank confirmed that the US is seeking to the bank to pay $14 billion in damages, to settle the investigation of the illegal financial activities before the financial crisis. If it becomes a reality, this figure will be the United States on the history of foreign banks in the United States issued the highest ticket. In 2008 before the financial crisis, many financial institutions involved in the high risk of housing mortgage backed securities speculation in the United States, is considered to be one of the important causes of the US subprime mortgage crisis and the subsequent financial crisis. In addition to investigation by the US regulator, Deutsche Bank is still facing more than 7000 cases of various types of litigation, potential fines and compensation payments to amazing. Deutsche Bank trouble in recent years, profits fell sharply. Deutsche Bank’s branch in the United States last year and two times in a row not by the Federal Reserve’s "stress test"; in June this year, the international monetary fund that Deutsche Bank has "significant systemic risk", increased investor concerns. Deutsche Bank is Germany’s largest commercial bank, is also considered to be "one of the world’s most systemically important banks", but has now been dubbed "the most dangerous of the global banking system". The bank may become the "Lehman second" fears continue Cong相关的主题文章: