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Be worth billions to graduate tutor of PhD relief: Graduate – Beijing Wang Junshi from big data field leader Zhou Tao, is the first doctor of entrepreneurial culture. Zhou Tao joked that Wang Jun is going to graduate one of the conditions that must be satisfied is when I graduated from personal net worth to be more than one hundred million, whether it is in accordance with the latest valuation or market capitalization in June 2014, Wang Jun pull a few like-minded classmates hit "Wolong big data". This summer, the creation of two years, Wolong big data successfully obtained Pre-A round of well-known investment institutions, the company valuation of nearly billion. Wang Junsong sighed. "It seems to be a success". "2016 national public entrepreneurship peoples innovation week" in Chengdu city held a wave of activity, like a raging fire is still, a large number of business projects and business model, also continued to appear in. Double gene in Chengdu, is the rapid diffusion, the tilt of the entrepreneurs passion. 4 days ago, sponsored by the Ministry of industry and information technology of the 2016 hit off Chinese innovation and entrepreneurship competition, big data company in Chengdu from the national talent shows itself in 3189 projects, won the "Top Ten hit off China" entrepreneurial projects. And we were surprised to find that this is a big data technology in the forefront of the Chengdu venture company, its founder, was actually a group of college students from Chengdu. This year five or six years ago by the University of Electronic Science and technology, the establishment of a large data service company – Wolong big data, up to now, there are still not yet graduated from the two founders. But for two years, the company in the field of big data technology, has been in the forefront of the industry. From the initial 5 to 50 people, now, over 10 times the size of. When the start-up capital from the registered 300 thousand, up to now the valuation of nearly billion, developing rapidly to cross. From the beginning of a small profit, and now millions of profit, the growth of the start-up company, become a model of entrepreneurial army. With big data leader in addition to basic research, but also the scientific and technological achievements to the market "Wolong" from Wolong "Kongming fey, for the benefit of countries" in italy. This name is not only the founder of Wang Jun’s expectations for their big data projects, but also into the financial advisor to the tutor Zhou Tao back to the society, the teaching of the bear in mind that the memory of the teacher in charge of the teaching of the "back to the society", the teacher in charge of the teaching of the "back to the society" to remember the teacher in charge of the teaching of the society. 2007 admitted to the Department of Electronic Science and technology, Wang Jun, junior college began to learn data mining. Undergraduate graduation, he gave up a monthly salary of over a million jobs, decided from Dr. Electronic Science famous professor, tutor, director of Internet Science Center Zhou Tao, into the "big data" field shuoboliandu. At present, Wang Jun is still in the Department of Electronics doctoral, however, he is also the mentor of the first pioneering Dr. Zhou Tao, in addition to basic research, but also to market scientific and technological achievements. Of course, this is also in line with the aspirations of the army, for him, is the only way. June 2014, Wang Jun pulled several like-minded students together to create a big data in Wolong. As a leader in the field of big data and China’s youngest professor Zhou Tao, gave this team is not a small encouragement and support. As commander of the army相关的主题文章: