Beautiful screen play free Ark survival evolution is the third generation of online games mp7a1

Beautiful screen play free "Ark survival evolution" is the third generation of online games? Novice card booking | Ark: survival evolution area recently, "the ark:" this is a dinosaur evolutionary theme of sandbox survival game to ranking on Steam sales not frequently appear in people’s view, even the media called a real third generation and the third generation of online games, online games should have what kind of character? Is the exquisite picture incomparable? Super high degree of freedom or play? Or is the brain hole open experience innovation? These are left to the players themselves to judge it. Today Xiaobian to share with you a wave of screenshots, because recently the ark developers held a different screenshot contest in the official forum, let us take a look at it. First of all, the town building must be as representative of Tyrannosaurus and dragon, it looks like the battle about who is the overlord of dignity. Rex and dragon dignity battle desert landscape — the desert experience at the wave? The strongest Dragon Team — a war in the end Rainbow Night? Jun: it is white (next eldest brother dragon brother Lei seeking to let go, I really good hard, I will shoot, not just playing with you! (me Excuse? A dragon is not easy to be careful behind! A close call — is what experience? Dark dungeon – the experience of the dark before you know how to embrace the sun and the sun to share the end of the ice field, if you look forward to the next wave of exquisite screenshots, please let us know! Small in the last offer two new pieces of information play video for your reference, enough buddies may wish to look at!相关的主题文章: