Beauty camera topped Russia, Philippines Appstore science and technology Sohu – first free list roxane hayward

Beauty camera topped Russia, Philippines AppStore science and technology Sohu – free list first Texun November 15th news: November 9, 2016, the flagship virtual makeup beauty camera for mobile applications in Russia and Philippines App Store free list first. This is following the October 31st summit of domestic App Store overall standings after Halloween, another success beauty camera made. At present, the beauty of the camera to the mainland of China as the core, the influence of radiation to include Asia, Europe and the United States, including overseas markets. Beauty camera has a "beauty artifact" that can quickly and easily achieve a key makeup, not only contains the current popular makeup, and hot stars, film and television, festivals and other hot spots, combining the needs of different markets at home and abroad, introduced the characteristics of makeup. Such as the launch of the 8 Halloween Halloween makeup, is based on the globalization of beauty camera positioning, integrated cultural symbols of different countries and user preferences and design elements. Thus, the beauty of the camera at home and abroad to set off a hot social self boom boom, it is the user’s positive feedback. In fact, since the line, the United States and the United States and the United States and the United States frequently get camera camera market recognition. Beauty camera has with the demon God makeup, makeup, makeup and other characteristics of Pony Halloween makeup, Thailand, South Korea App Store summit free total list, even in the first half of the summit twice in South Korea App Store free list. As early as in December 2015, the United States and the United States just six months on the line, get Google Play Hongkong region’s annual best App. European and American media positioning of beauty camera is a powerful software company ", news aggregation site BuzzFeed popular media" Ladylike ", and New York TV programs are specially recommended beauty camera. Overseas market has become an important position in the United States makeup camera. With the acceleration of globalization strategy, beauty camera will also hand over the transcripts, people wait and see. [network] [source: Chinese] commissioning editor: Zhang Yanping相关的主题文章: