Because of this mistake, Fan Bingbing will be invited out of school hamimelon

Because of this error, Fan Bingbing will be out of the campus original title: the error, Fan Bingbing and China Division has made the author: Peng Jian source: public number "iced hot" domineering Fan Ye is more aggressive China division abruptly out of the campus, it appealed to many people’s nerves. These days, all about the matter said flying all over the sky, some people even began to stand side: some believe that Hua Shitai did not play and generous heart, others shouted China division one hundred praise. To step up to praise is no problem, but the basic situation must be clear. After the live video and statement of the parties involved at several times, I found that generally the case may be this: viewing Feng Xiaogang ahead of the film’s two studio combined together to engage in a new movie at the Huazhong Normal University, and "comedy humor challenge" seminar. At first, arrange to participate in the activities of the big coffee only Feng Xiaogang, Liu Zhenyun, Fang Fang, and not Fan Bingbing, but the latter insisted on. Before entering, Fan Bingbing has been in a deal outside of school hours, entering the greeting a few words, they were told to leave. The outspoken Feng Xiaogang seen in the side gas but picked up the phone and says it’s because of security and coordination issues, Fan Bingbing must leave, or go off, Fan Bingbing finally tears can only go. This time, domineering Fan Ye "in Chinese normal crying like" Princess "in the small golden. The influence of Fan Bingbing, many fans, the camp’s strength should not be overlooked, event exposure, quickly became the focus of public opinion. In the face of pressure from public opinion, the Chinese division also responded promptly. In response to the content of close fitting "did not know Fan Bingbing to be present and to prevent the situation out of control," and "don’t show any involvement in commercial activities" position ", is justified. If you start from the contract and rules, Fan Bingbing broke into a breach of contract, but perhaps even she did not expect that such a small thing will lead to a storm. Although "leave off" tough somewhat uncomfortable, but because China Division also will be a very good reason, "" pull firmly in the hands of. Just no problem, than to be careless with sides and linear thinking make simple judgments. But if you put this matter amplification and overstating, that China division played Chinese’s hottest female star’s face is "academic characters over frivolous entertainment", think Chinese teacher is tough to defend the rules and made the bottom line, to China the long face, I don’t agree. Huazhong Normal University, said in a statement CITIC oath, do not participate in any business activities is its consistent position, which can be understood as the division of the rules and the bottom line as the university. But despite being called the name of the seminar, the activities of several commercial television companies in China division to engage in, how is commercial flavor, Feng Xiaogang film released soon, to be creative, the scene also got first point, these are difficult with the "commercial" two words from the relationship between. So the question is: China division refused to Fan Bingbing on the grounds that the latter does not follow the rules, they just want to stick to the rules, then the face he claimed "no involvement of Ren Wei相关的主题文章: