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Before these 4 things, easily lead to infertility – Sohu health now, more and more people encounter this situation of infertility. Many people do not understand that they are prepared in accordance with the scientific method of pregnancy pregnant, why infertility will happen? In fact, infertility and whether the preparation of pregnancy is not directly related to sex, more importantly, there are two people in the body of infertility incentives exist. Most of the causes of infertility are caused by long-term accumulation of two people do not pay attention to. Some of the usual behavior, in our view is very humble, but it is in the potential to change our bodies, leading to infertility. Which of our usual behavior, will know that we reduce the chances of conception, a substantial increase in the possibility of infertility? Abortion is estimated that many people have had an abortion, then pregnant with the baby, think abortion lead to infertility is a lie. I can only say that this is a kind of luck, but not everyone is so lucky. Abortion can damage the lining of the uterus, making it difficult to. May also lead to tubal blockage, etc., to improve the risk of infertility. When young, two people must do a good job of contraception, try to avoid the occurrence of abortion. It’s not just talking about it. Gynecological diseases, if used improperly, or encountered some infectious diseases, it is easy to lead to a variety of gynecological diseases in women. Therefore, in normal life, we must do a good job of their own protection of various organs. If there is a problem, seek medical treatment as soon as possible, do not delay. Bad habits are not just a man smoking and drinking will cause harm to the body, women smoking and drinking will also have a great impact on their body and pregnancy. Women must develop good habits, to avoid bad habits to reduce their immune capacity, affecting the quality of eggs. Childbearing age women 30 years old, especially after the age of 35, pregnancy will become difficult. This is directly related to the decline in fertility in women, so that age has a significant impact on women’s fertility. Two people try to prepare ahead of time, to avoid the occurrence of the elderly maternal this thing. Infertility, there may be a variety of factors, including mental stress, environmental pollution, indiscriminate use of supplements and other factors will lead to infertility. In order to avoid the occurrence of infertility, in their youth, we must protect themselves. Infertility is terrible, even more terrible is that they do not know what led to their infertility. If you do not know what the reason, the best way is to go to a regular hospital examination to determine the true cause of infertility. < read recommended > during pregnancy, both husband and wife should say goodbye to these foods"! After childbirth, these 3 ideas are best not to have to be careful, sperm actually afraid of them"! The baby head clattering, really is a calcium deficiency? "I * * * click below to read the text" into the dove parenting community doctor!相关的主题文章: