Beijing credit card limit of a single line of Sinopec can only brush 3000 poper

Beijing gas limited the amount of credit card can brush 3000 single Sinopec Sinopec Beijing today issued a document to the gas station clear, single credit card for one-day card refueling, fuel card recharge, buy a fixed fuel card, only a maximum of 3000 yuan, and before this, and no single line requirements, only the individual purchase of fixed fuel cards, real name fuel card recharge, each no more than 10 thousand yuan. According to the gas station staff confirmed that at present all the bank credit cards are implemented according to this policy, but the savings card is not affected by this provision. According to informed sources, this provision, or with a credit card to buy a fixed prepaid card cash related, and even does not rule out the current cases have occurred. But it is worth mentioning that, the Beijing Daily reporter found that the provisions of the credit card is not fully sealed to buy a fuel card, as long as the number of cards with multiple brush to buy, still can. At the same time, the Beijing Daily reporter telephone call the relevant site China oil, the site said the current oil gas not limited the amount of credit card, fuel card credit card can buy disposable or 10 thousand dollars, more than 10 thousand yuan, but the ID card copy. More exciting content to pay attention to WeChat search public number: Tencent Finance (financeapp).相关的主题文章: