Beijing media in Xinjiang for 5 years for the 16 foreign aid Guanjue CBA maximum risk is big-winavi

Beijing media: Xinjiang 5 years for the 16 highest CBA is the biggest potential foreign aid outside the Xinjiang team the new foreign aid bounce Beijing News Madden   (reporter Tian Xinxin) in order to get the CBA championship, Xinjiang Guanghui in the trial was not successful after Nate · Robinson, a direct replacement of foreign aid did not stop the pace of. It is understood that they just NBDL from the San Austen spurs Brice · cotton run the registration procedures in Chinese Basketball Association, Rock played the rest of the league’s replacement. He was born in 1992, height 1.85 meters, the Secretary guard. He took part in the 2014 NBA draft, but was not selected. Subsequently, Cotton NBA in jazz, the sun the effect, earlier this month was laid off the sun. After joining the Spurs in the cotton Austen NBDL team affiliated to the Spurs, averaging 19.3 points, 4 assists and 1.2 steals, three hit rate as high as 48.4%. Although he’s just an NBA figure, he’s bouncing amazing. In a video, the minimum height of 45 inches (1.14 meters), and the 2015 slam dunk champion Zach · as a vertical jump is 44 inches (1.11 meters). In fact, early in the week before the signing of the news broke the Xinjiang cotton, regular season and two rounds of replacement of foreign aid, can make the new foreign aid team and better running. Each season, for the championship, Xinjiang in foreign aid has made great efforts, 5 years has changed 16 different foreign aid, is CBA Club replace foreign aid team most frequently. This season, good Rock has made 35 appearances, averaging 22.1 points, 3.8 rebounds, 3.2 assists and 1.1 steals. In the eyes of the basketball industry, good Rock has no problem, at present the biggest hidden danger of Xinjiang team is actually another foreign aid Blache. 京媒:新疆5年换16外援冠绝CBA 最大隐患是大外 新疆队新外援弹跳劲爆   新京报讯 (记者田欣欣)为了能拿到CBA总冠军,新疆广汇在试训内特·罗宾逊没有成功之后,更换外援的脚步一直没有停止。据了解,他们刚刚为来自NBDL奥斯汀马刺队的布莱斯·科顿在中国篮协办好了注册手续,替换古德洛克出战余下的联赛。   科顿生于1992年,身高1.85米,司职控卫。他参加了2014年NBA选秀,但未被选中。随后,科顿在NBA的爵士、太阳两队效力,本月初被太阳裁 掉。之后,科顿加盟马刺队在NBDL的附属球队奥斯汀马刺,场均贡献19.3分、4次助攻和1.2次抢断,三分命中率高达48.4%。虽然他只是NBA边 缘人物,但弹跳十分惊人。在一段视频中,其起跳高度达到45英寸(1.14米),而2015年扣篮大赛冠军扎克·拉文垂直弹跳则是44英寸(1.11 米)。   其实,早在一周前就爆出新疆签下科顿的消息,常规赛还有两轮就更换外援,可以让新外援与球队更好地磨合。每个赛季,为了总冠军,新疆在外援方面下了很大工夫,5年内已换了16个不同的外援,是CBA各俱乐部更换外援最频繁的队伍。   本赛季,古德洛克共出场35次,场均得到22.1分、3.8个篮板、3.2次助攻及1.1次抢断。在篮球业内人士看来,古德洛克没有任何问题,目前新疆队最大的隐患其实是另一名外援布拉彻。相关的主题文章: