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Beijing temperature lower price fluctuations – tight supply of vegetables Beijing xinfade increase winter storage stable supply of vegetable vegetables not to the heating season, the cold winter is coming. Recently, the capital city of a sustained low-temperature weather, in contrast with the cold weather is continuing to heat up the vegetables. Beijing morning news reporter recently visited the capital of the "vegetable basket" Beijing xinfade agricultural products wholesale market, by the continuous cooling and rainfall, nearly two weeks of the new market price fluctuations, a sharp rebound last weekend. To stabilize the price of vegetables, but also increased the new potatoes, cabbage, onions and other winter storage "around" reserve supply. The cooling caused by the tight supply of vegetables according to the new statistics department to monitor, over the weekend, the weighted average price of new market vegetables is 1.95 yuan per kilogram, up 12.07% over the previous week, 1.74 yuan a kilogram; rose 12.07% over the same period last year, 1.72 yuan per kilogram. Cycle ratio and year on year rose sharply. The last two weeks, the price fluctuations are relatively large. October 17th weighted average price of vegetables is 1.95 yuan kg, to the beginning of last week dropped to $1.72 kg, to the weekend and rebounded to 1.95 kg. Within two weeks, the weighted average price of vegetables out of a "V" route. According to reports, the recent prices rebounded sharply, mainly is a sharp drop in temperature and rainfall, not only affects the growth rate of the north region of vegetables, and the impact of the origin of the acquisition, resulting in a short period of time of tight supply, prices rose. After the temperature dropped, the vegetable production areas north of cold shed will be delisting, even no delisting, then there will be double the yield and quality decline in the situation, the need for timely convergence of vegetables in South china. At the same time, the southern areas of vegetables to Beijing, transportation and preservation costs will increase, which is a reason to pull the price of vegetables rose. In addition, after the Shanwei typhoon hit Guangdong hippocampus, not only caused much of Guangdong agricultural calamity, incidentally also affected Fujian, Zhejiang and other places of origin of agricultural products, and these vegetables are a lot of vegetables should be late to Beijing, has yet to show the impact, need to continue to observe. Some significant increases in the price of vegetables for example, obviously increase the new market of small rapeseed prices recently. Rapid cooling is mainly the growth rate of small rape slowed, resulting in tight supply, but also for business acquisitions caused some difficulties. In addition, the recent part of the price of vegetables has been a significant change. Such as green onions coincided with the fall of concentrated market period, market volume increased, but the price is rising, the main reason is just to store the onion season, canteens in Beijing area residents, stockpiling green onions, market sales increased significantly, boosting the price rise. Golden pumpkin prices rose 178% in a week, from the late mid month of 0.3 yuan -0.6 kg, up to a total of 1 yuan -1.5 yuan jin. This is due to the listing of the Chifeng gold pumpkin not on the selling price, watermelon is not dedicated cause pumpkin partially decayed, businesses to the market after the pick part away, the price will be a natural.相关的主题文章: