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Beijing – VIDEO – "Meranti" health nanzu passion for people to clear the road ran to "Meranti" health nanzu passion for people to clear the road ran to [comment] Mr. Wang Yongqing to the 2016 named "Yongqing Cup" road race in Xiamen in September 25th at Chang Gung Memorial Hospital haicang. This way not only continue to run at the same time held in Taipei, Chiayi, Kaohsiung and Xiamen, Beijing is also the first time to join, on both sides of five were 40 thousand road race enthusiasts to participate in Xiamen, which attracted 2000 people to participate in the meeting. [comment] more than a week before the typhoon "Meranti" positive landing in Xiamen, caused huge losses to Xiamen. Xiamen Changgeng Hospital Dean Guo Jiyang said, the typhoon to Chang Gung Memorial Hospital, a large number of trees lodging, worried that the activities could not be held. [after] Xiamen Changgeng Hospital Dean Guo Jiyang over the period of typhoon, we are also here, although we are the hardware is also good, but our trees fell down a lot, about 60% of the original today to run the road is covered with many trees. [comment] activities held before, in an effort to Chang Gung Memorial Hospital on both sides of the medical staff and volunteers union continued for several days, the roads were cleared, run smoothly. The same period [] Xiamen Changgeng Hospital Dean Guo Jiyang that (typhoon) also caused little damage, but we have to do this (Road), in fact, that time is a little, everyone is actually is also a kind of movement, a movement, just take this road to do a good job, we can also easily. Hold the Yongqing road running today. [comment] the reporter on the scene saw the road running on the line has been restored to a wild profusion of vegetation and shade. Many people adhere to the natural gentle jogging, promote the concept of healthy exercise, while the site also has a free amount of blood pressure and chronic disease prevention and consultation, for everyone to pass more health information. [comment] it is reported that both sides adhere to the synchronous running of Chang Gung once a year to this year, Xiamen Changgeng Hospital has held fourth sessions, the organizers hope that through participation in healthy people on both sides of road running, caused by the typhoon swept away the haze, new life enthusiasm. Reporter Li Siyuan Fujian, Xiamen reports相关的主题文章: