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Beijing – VIDEO – Yunnan five religious people gather to carry out sports Yunnan five religious people gather for sport [comment] in September 21st, the third session of Yunnan province sports meeting and religious arts festival held in Yuxi City, Yunnan province from Buddhism and Taoism, Islam, Catholicism and Christianity in five major religions nearly 1000 people compete in sprint, guangbocao, bicycle, Gas Volleyball and other projects. The games for a period of three days, participants covering the city of Yunnan in the state of the province, the province’s top 5 religious groups and the provincial religious colleges and universities, a total of 24 teams participating in the competition, a total of 16 teams. [the same period] (Yuxi delegation Miss Nguyen) after two or three of us heard this game, and this is a win. Of course, we must first unite, harmony, this game is second, friendship first. We are happy to see each other in harmony. [comment] on weekdays, majestic and solemn peace and quiet of the monks, or pick up the robe incarnation of track and field sprint master, or on the sidelines as teammates loudly refueling; and in the gymnastics competition, the five major religions of the players, wearing their religious dress uniform, doing the same action. The same period [] (Yunnan province "NPC and CPPCC Christian pastor Shao Liliang), religious groups are the five major religious groups unified delegation to participate in the collective project, so some are the five major religions are to participate in the project, so that the time may be seen in a variety of religious clothing, all religions athletes together to complete a common event, this skill is a very good communication, very interesting. [interpretation] such as the integration of different religious games, is the first in Yunnan province. In 2010 2013, Yunnan has successfully held the two session of the religious sports and arts festival. Yunnan is a multi ethnic and religious Frontier Province, there are five religions: Buddhism, Taoism, Islam, Catholicism and christianity. Organizers hope that through sports, to provide more opportunities for the exchange of religious people. The same period [] (the delegation of Chuxiong contestant Shi Zhenzhi) still feel good, for the great religions our religion together, this is an interactive, is a unity of power, is a kind of communication, is to learn from each other, can see the church style, very good. [comment] according to reports, the Games organized by the United Front Work Department of the CPC Yunnan Provincial Committee of Yunnan Province, ethnic and religious affairs of Yunnan Province Sports Bureau, the CPC Yuxi Municipal Committee, Yuxi Municipal People’s government hosted. Reporter Zhang Yunnan, Yuxi reports相关的主题文章: