Beiqi magic speed October sales rose

Beiqi magic speed sales rose 11% in October recently, Beiqi magic speed announced October sales results: October sales totaled 25115 units, an increase of 11%, growth of 25%. Among them, the "double V" model of the main force, Beiqi magic speed H3 H3F Series sales break million, reached 11006, magic speed S3 S3L series 8109. At present, Beiqi magic speed brand has released sales reached 516888 units, has exceeded 500 thousand mark, to challenge the 600 thousand target. From the industry dark horse to horse, Beiqi magic speed gorgeous turn. From 2015 and 2016 single month sales comparison, single month sales rose significantly, while overall sales this year showed an upward trend compared with last year. 1-10 months of this year, Beiqi magic speed has accumulated sales of 208865 units, an increase of 32.4%. Among them, Beiqi magic speed SUV cumulative sales of 114292 units, MPV cumulative sales of 94573 units, steady growth in sales. Behind the sales rising, thanks to Beiqi magic speed products, marketing and service of the three aspects of escalating. Product layout, Beiqi magic speed SUV MPV always adhere to walking on two legs "double V" strategy, customer demand-oriented and constantly optimize the product structure, go the route of excellence. It is reported that by the end of Beiqi magic speed will also have a new car business, Beiqi magic speed H6 2017 models, 2017 models of Beiqi magic speed S3 Beiqi magic speed S6 new listing. And early next year, Beiqi magic speed will be from SUV and MPV in 1 carefully selected products, to create the monthly sales of 1.5-1.6 million star model. The marketing level, dialogue with consumers through online and offline, a variety of innovative marketing methods, arouse the user a sense of participation, enhance brand favorability. With the help of the Rio Olympic fever, Beiqi magic speed called lack of exercise group, launched the 21 days moving plan ", let you from the crowd the Olympic Games to practice the spirit of the Olympic Games", personally feel light brings a sense of achievement. In addition, the "win glory in battle" and Beiqi magic speed trip to the Great Wall, "for the love of the upgrade, for the love of sound" Beiqi magic speed S3L Tibet fam tour marketing activities, showing superior product strength to consumers, more fully reflects the Beiqi magic speed brand charm. Product marketing, both at the same time, Beiqi magic speed to customer service service. At present, Beiqi magic speed to complete the construction of East China, Southern China, central China, North China four business center library, covering 25 provinces and regions, greatly shorten the delivery cycle. In addition to hardware security, Beiqi magic speed also held regional dealer service skills training, improve dealer management, technical service and other professional skills, improve the service system, improve service satisfaction. Products, marketing, service force volley, Beiqi magic speed brand sales exceeded 500 thousand, will continue to double V segments deep market, enterprises will focus from quantity growth to quality growth, adhere to customer demand-oriented, enhance market competitiveness.相关的主题文章: