Beiqi magic speed S3L first month single 10000 comprehensive strength is the key ssport

Beiqi magic speed S3L first month single 10000 comprehensive strength is the key from 2014 to September this year, Beiqi magic speed total sales volume is close to 500 thousand, is the 600 thousand mark steadily. In the "magic speed" excellent performance under the light, we can not only see the Beiqi magic speed brand value can be fully reflected, but also felt the target market is highly recognized for excellent quality Beiqi magic speed. Upgrade the strategic models as Beiqi magic speed in the second half of the year to build, Beiqi magic speed S3L since listing in September 26th, welcomed by consumers, in less than a month’s time has been broken million dealer orders, product strength is remarkable. The market eye-catching performance, product excellence is the key data display, Beiqi magic speed S3 listed in 2014 second months monthly sales break million, became the new member of "million club", but in two years time, Beiqi magic speed steady growth in sales channels, increase rapidly, the service on the upgrade, product segmentation the market performance is increasing year by year, and steadily, the new car market line is more eye-catching. The new generation of S3L station in the star model S3’s shoulder, a comprehensive upgrade to the whole system comes standard with ESP and other products to the advantage of much consumer attention, the media also generally optimistic, called the 7 seat SUV to upgrade the new benchmark. Can be said to have Beiqi magic speed on the product out of a better way to success. Marketing achievements, quality consistent from beginning to end is king of Beiqi magic speed S3L has been listed with the golden nine silver ten sales season, launched a nationwide listing tasting, attracted close attention and enthusiasm of the vast number of consumers to participate in. Such as Fujian Quanzhou guanchi shop, only in the activities on the day of the 31 Taipei steam magic speed S3L site transactions, not only that the sales of other models Beiqi magic speed is synchronous pull, the store that sold a total of 51 Taipei automobile magic speed series models, and obtained lots of potential customer resources. Many consumers respond enthusiastically to this new car, only spend less than 70 thousand will be able to buy a panoramic sunroof and ESP with a SUV of seven, there are still faces, can fully meet the needs of the family car upgrades. The dealer representatives said, Beiqi magic speed S3L in "appearance, space, comfort, safety, driving 5 aspects in order to bring the" Five "upgrade experience, to the whole system comes standard with ESP, is the gift of large panoramic sunroof, rear seats recline flat full of absolute advantage, beat the same level of competing products. At present, Beiqi magic speed has a level more than and 500 distributors, two dealers in more than 1 thousand and 800, channel development at an alarming rate. Special products with high with the advantage of the channel is eye-catching key performance after the listing of Beiqi magic speed S3L. With Beiqi magic speed S3L in the short term sales momentum is gratifying, its market performance has exceeded expectations, all began to appear in short supply, even so, dealers are still confident of sales. In fact, the confidence of dealers is not Weakness lends wings to rumours. Beiqi magic speed and will not give up, has been adhering to the excellence in the pursuit of more cars line capacity, would rather invest more manpower costs for frontline staff overtime production factory.相关的主题文章: