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Searching for an online liquor store, where you could get good quality wine at reasonable prices? Your search ends here. We are a wine shop with large collection of rare and vintage wines that are domestic and imported. We understand the importance of wine and thus offer the finest quality of wine online. The importance of Wine in cuisine is not just for its value as a beverage, but as a flavor agent, primarily in stocks and braising, since its acidity lends balance to rich savory or sweet dishes. Red, white, and sparkling wines are the most popular, and are known as light wines because they are only 10 to 14% alcohol-content by volume. Dessert wines contain 14 to 20% alcohol, and are sometimes fortified to make them richer and sweeter. Get a glance of some of the world’s most popular domestic wine variety and their corresponding grapes at-a-glance. Cabernet Sauvignon: Arguably the best known grape in the world, Cabernet Sauvignon has taken the wine industry by storm. Chardonnay: Most popular of all the white grapes, responsible for both the gorgeous, minerally white wines of Burgundy and the rich, tropical fruit flavors of California Chardonnay. Merlot: Merlot has taken center stage in the United States as a smooth, soft, drinkable red wine low in tannins. Pinot Noir: This grape produces some of the world’s most magnificent wine. The gold standard for this varietal is wines from Burgundy’s Cote d’Or. Petite Sirah: It produces a savory blackberry fruit flavor and rich-colored wine that mixes especially well with Zinfandel. Syrah: This huge, juicy, powerful grape grown in the Rhone Valley has become one of today’s most popular international varieties. Enjoys great success in Australia (where it is known as Shiraz), is undergoing an explosion of planting in California, and is becoming important in many other regions as well. Mourvedre: Known in Spain as Monastrell but is more prominent in southern France, where it is blended with Grenache. These are just a few examples of domestic wine famous world over; do visit our online liquor shop to get more in-depth information on wine. If you are interested to know more about Best Online Wine Store , please search our site for more in-depth information and resources. About the Author: John Solomon is General Manager/Buyer of . As General Manager he is responsible for making sure every customer is treated like #1. John oversees all aspects of FineWineHouse’s business, from the spirit buyer to the internet department making sure all aspects of our operation run smoothly. He is constantly attending wine and spirit events to locate the next hot brand and bring it to you our customer first. He has written numerous articles for many trade publications on the retail wine and spirits industry. Article Published On: – Wine-Spirits 相关的主题文章: